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  • WaterRower Natural (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower


    The name sums it up pretty well don’t you think: The WaterRower Natural (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower. Instead of approaching rowing through a mechanical sense, the engineers that hand-crafted these models out of solid Ash wood and stained Honey Oak incorporate and use the essence of water. What this creates is perfect mimicry that’s safe and provides infinitely v...
  • WaterRower Club (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower


    Rowing has long been considered the ideal cardiovascular exercise because of how the body interacts with the surface of the stream, river, lake, or ocean. The WaterRower Club (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower is the perfect choice for those that love fluid indoor movement, complimented by an incredibly quiet and stylish machine. Basically, there are only a few other options out t...
  • WaterRower Oxbridge (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower


    The WaterRower Oxbridge (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower is a sleek and impressive machine; indicative of where modern fitness is heading. The frame is actually hand-crafted. The Oxbridge S4 is not the result of cold automation. The engineers chose a rich and solid Cherrywood. Aesthetically this means that every model is going to vary in color between red-brown or a rich cherry ...
  • WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine


    Huge fans of the WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine particularly love its unique and extremely effective resistance mechanism. Through employing a patented WaterFlywheel users are challenged by a completely natural and self-regulating resistance. Yes, self-regulating meaning that the musculature is challenged and driven onward by itself, not some preordained mechanical scrip...
  • Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Plates


    Designed using state-of-the art technology, Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Plates surpasses all others in quality, accuracy, reliability and price. Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olymp...
  • WaterRower Classic (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower


    When you ride the WaterRower Classic (S4) Rowing Machine * Rower it feels like you’re on a rowing team in London skimming atop some serene English lake in furious, yet controlled, competition. Hand-crafted out of a rich and hearty American Black Walnut, colors can naturally vary and fall anywhere between a deep brown to a silky purplish ebony. Believe it or not, these...
  • Protective Rubber Flooring - 4' x 6' x 3/8"


    48" x 72". Lighter than the #RF46 SuperMat, these have a glossy finish, are textured on top, and have a grooved bottom. The mat is 3/8" thick including the texture. Designed and manufactured for workout intensity, comfort and value, these SuperMat Floor Protectors offer super heavy-duty solid rubber construction that absorbs the impact of free weights, home gyms, treadmill...
  • 3' x 6 1/2' Floor Mat


    The 3' x 6 1/2' Floor Mat are versatile mats made from super tough 1/4" closed cell rubber. These mats are great for protecting your floors from sweat or scuff marks and also help add stability.
  • Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench (GFID225)


    Here you go free-lifters, introducing the Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench (GFID225). Before weight machines took over gym floors and garage space there were free weights. There were no machines on Venice beach only the simple steel bars and plates. Top body builders in the industry didn’t build all that lean muscle with cables and pulleys either.  Free-weights ha...
  • Bully Mat - 4' x 6' x 3/8" THICK


    A MUST for all fitness areas; residential and commercial! Heavy duty, commercial grade Bully Mat - 4' x 6' x 3/8" THICK protect your carpet and assist in leveling off cement floors so your equipment won't "rock"! Super shock absorbing and reduces the noise in your fitness area; requires no adhesive, just lay them down! Well worth the investment!
  • Body-Solid Olympic Weight Tree and Bar Rack (GOWT)


    Keep your workout area safe, clean and organized with this Body-Solid Olympic Weight Tree and Bar Rack (GOWT)! Six 2" x 8" weight plate storage posts keep plates safely suspended off the floor for easy storage and removal --just slip on the weights after you're done and you'll keep your workout room uncluttered. It can hold up to 1,000 lbs. of weight in several configu...
  • WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine


    The World’s Most Authentic Rowing Machine — designed exclusively for the Fitness Direct program and made in the USA by WaterRower; crafter of exceptional rowing machines for over 20 years. Includes 2 DVDs Indo-Row and ShockWave Workout. WaterRower “Original” Design vs WaterRower GX Home Comparison Waterrower GX Monitor The WaterRower GX Monit...
  • FreeMotion Indoor Cycling S11.9 Carbon Drive™ System


    FreeMotion Indoor Cycling S11.9 Carbon Drive™ System Carbon Drive™ System A first ever in indoor cycling, the Gates® Carbon Drive™ System features the smooth, quiet benefits of a belt drive and the high-inertia, non-slip benefits of a chain drive. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance free.  Lightweight, Aluminum Frame Resistant to rust, this...
  • Chairmaster – Demo Unit


    Brand New - Full Warranty - Only shown at 2-day exhibit! Store-Away Cycle Accessories [back pad, etc] At last – a new way to exercise that lets you sit and get fit! Not only is the ChairMaster a comfortable chair that’s great for watching television, it's also a revolutionary fitness product that combines a low impact cycling workout with resistance tra...
  • Life Fitness Platinum Elliptical Discover SE Console


    Superior biomechanics and a natural fluid motion offer a total-body workout and an exceptional exercise experience for users at any fitness level. The Platinum Club Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer is available with either the Discover™ SE or SI Tablet Console, both of which redefine the home workout experience. The integrated LCD touch-screen features an abundance of...
  • Power Reactor Core Trainer


    The Power Reactor Core Trainer is the “OG” Original Sports & Fitness model. It can used both “indoors” and “outdoors”. It has a patently designed “rubber footing” on the bottom of the base frame which enables the user to exercise in their own home on “carpet” with virtually no movement. Should th...
  • AbSolo PT1000 Core Trainer - Out of Box


    Brand New with Full Warranty, just pre-assembled for our showroom. The AbSolo PT1000 Core Trainer - Out of Box represents a uniquely interactive, fun and effective system for people of all ages and abilities. Facilities, trainers and exercisers are raving about the dynamic Absolo approach-combining traditional crunches with medicine ball tosses- to develop abdominal streng...
  • Life Fitness Activate Series Upright Lifecycle Bike


    Brand New with Full Warranty, just pre-assembled. With the introduction of the Life Fitness Activate Series upright Lifecycle bike, Life Fitness has proven yet again that its dedication to providing only the best to the world’s gyms is unflinching. Their foundational concepts are to promote health, and at the same time, make sure that mainstream gyms have exactly wha...
  • Octane Q37ci Elliptical Trainer


    Octane Fitness has done it again. The bar has been raised due to the entrance of the Q37ci series of elliptical trainers. Whether for the commercial or home-gym, this is a machine that will super charge and inject heavy doses of high octane motivation into any exercise regimen, regardless of whether one is a seasoned athlete or fledgling fitness enthusiast.  There&rsq...
  • Octane Q37c Elliptical Trainer


    While the Q36c is geared for those just beginning to experience what unprecedented elliptical trainers can do, the Q37c from Octane Fitness is for those who consider themselves a bit more seasoned and ready to step their exercise regimen up a few notches. It’s about getting even better results in less time, and through challenges that invigorate and motivate, rather t...
  • Octane Q47ci Elliptical Trainer


    Elliptical trainers have come so far since the birth of the contemporary fitness culture. Thanks in part to the innovative minds at Octane Fitness. The company began with two visionary men, and now, as the Q47ci is starting to make waves on the industry, consumers are curious how things could get better. The Q47ci is the very best when it comes to ergonomically advanced co...
  • Octane Q47c Elliptical Trainer


    Octane equipment has propelled to the front of the pack in contemporary fitness. The company is winning the race to creating and manufacturing top-of-the-line ellipticals for home and commercial gym use. Their unique designs and technological innovations are charging forward into 21st century concepts of elite training and exercise science.  At the end of the day, in ...
  • Lifecore VST-V4 Elliptical Trainer


    The Elliptical Trainer came about to give fitness junkies a good middle-ground between the high impact and difficulty of using a treadmill, and the ease and comfort of an exercise bike. The VST-V4 is the newest member of the LifeCore family, and we’re extremely proud to introduce it. As with all other LifeCore products customization, efficiency, and club-quality are ...
  • AbSolo PT1000 Core Abdominal Training System


    What’s the most common area that people have a hard time trimming down? The tummy! The AbSolo PT1000 Core Abdominal Training System fixes these problems with a unique and fun core training system. No one likes to do endless sit-ups, not only is it monotonous but it’s boring. With this training program your sure to see great results while having fun. What is t...
  • Inflight Dumbbell Rack


    Inflight Fitness, a former aircraft parts manufacturer, combines the quality demanded by the aircraft industry with over ten years of experience manufacturing commercial fitness equipment to bring you exceptional value and quality like you find on the Inflight Dumbbell Rack. Inflight's club quality line of free weight equipment offers quality, durability and a price that is...

Fitness Equipment with Brands Names to Match!

Fitness Direct is the home of brand name fitness equipment at the lowest prices online. With over two decades of fitness equipment experience and our store in San Diego, California, we ship direct and help you save on the finest equipment for your home. Our knowledgeable staff understands the fitness industry and fitness goals in order to provide you with the best equipment options on the market.

Cardio Equipment

Fitness Direct is a leader in quality brand name cardio equipment for the home. Discover our large inventory of cardio equipment ranging from Treadmills to Ellipticals and Indoor Cycles to StairClimbers. Whatever your cardio work out preference, we have the right cardio equipment to match your workout style. Choose from the finest cardio equipment brands: Life Fitness, Spirit, Octane Fitness, SportsArt and more.

Cardio exercise machines do far more than burn calories and help you lose weight. In fact, cardio exercise helps to increase heart health, boost immunity, and studies show people live-longer healthier lives. Let Fitness Direct help you find the perfect cardio exercise machine your daily exercise routine.


Strength and Weight Equipment

Strength and weight equipment play an important role in anyone's fitness goals. Fitness Direct understands the advantages of incorporating strength and resistance exercises into every workout. Build muscle to properly support your frame and posture, while getting the benefits of extended calorie burning, are just a few benefits from the use of weight lifting equipment. Fitness Direct has a large inventory of top strength equipment brand: Body Solid, Inflight, Torque, Tuff Stuff, and more.

The benefits of strength exercise and weight lifting are well documented and have many advantages. Strength exercises help increase calorie burning and facilitates weight lose throughout the day. Also, lifting weights helps increase bone density and fights against heart disease. With only muscle to gain and unwanted weight to lose let Fitness Direct show you the right strength equipment to help you meet your goals.

Health & Wellness: Core, Stretching & Rehab Equipment

Fitness Direct carries a wide array of health and wellness equipment for the home. If you find spirituality through your workout, find our wide selection of yoga equipment and Pilates equipment to challenge your daily routine.  Our core fitness equipment can be easily found here in the form of balls, BOSU, and foam roller stretching and exercise.

As an athlete or just health and exercise enthusiast, injuries are not uncommon. Fitness Direct carries a wide array of physical therapy and rehab equipment to get you feeling even better than before. Choose from our wide inventory of professional rehabilitation equipment.

Rack and Storage Equipment

Keep your home clean and organized with our professional weight racks and fitness equipment storage solutions. Our selection of weight racks and exercise storage racks come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any room in the home. Choose from vertical or horizontal dumbbell racks and medicine ball racks just to name a few. View our selection of rack and storage equipment today.

The Fitness Direct Difference

Fitness Direct is your all-inclusive fitness equipment retailer. We have a huge selection and friendly, professional staff that knows the ins and outs of having a top of the line home gym. When you order from us you can rest assured it is a simple and secure process.  On top of that we have the lowest prices on all equipment and quick delivery and set up on all orders.