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At Fitness Direct, we are proud to be a leading distributor of fitness equipment and we take great pride in our lineup of fitness balls. From medicine balls to exercise balls, we can provide your home-gym with the best rehabilitation and wellness equipment from the top name brands in the business, like FitBALL, Aeromat, Body-Solid, and more!

Build Core Strength with Effective Fitness Workouts

Our large selection of Exercise balls are perfect for rehabilitation. They also provide an effective core workout to increase strength and stability. If you have back problems, you can benefit from the stabilization training that medicine balls can provide. They also increase flexibility and joint integrity. All fitness balls can be used by people of all ages. This makes them ideal for families who want to exercise together. According to the top rehabilitation experts, they are vital in recovery from injury, Not to mention that they can provide an alternate, low impact workout

Durable and Great for the Home

Medicine balls are great for a home gym setting because they are practical. They can be used practically anywhere: indoors or outside. Watch your favorite TV show and workout your core at the same time! Fitness and medicine balls do not take up much space and can easily be stored away due to their excellent mobility. Unlike bulky machines, fitness balls can be moved from the garage to the bedroom to the kitchen, meaning you can get your low-impact workout anywhere! Plus, all of our balls are made with anti-burst technology so you can be confident that they will never pop or deflate!

You Get the Best for the Best Prices Possible

Choosing the right exercise ball for your home is easy at fitness direct! We carry only the most respectable name brands at the lowest prices online. Just browse below and find the right fitness exercise ball for your home gym today!

32 Products

32 Products