Monthly Archives: September 2011

Street Ellipticals vs. Indoor

Elliptical machines. What’s not to love? After all, ellipticals are perfect for people who want a challenging workout, but need a gentle way to ease into fitness. And they’re especially helpful if you suffer from bad knees or joint pain. … Continue reading

Tips for Easing Joint Pain While Working Out

  You finally feel motivated. This time, you’re gonna make a battle plan and stick with it! Goodbye flab. Hello fab!   Soon you’re 15 minutes into your new hardcore fitness regime and then it hits you. Joint pain. Debilitating, … Continue reading

Why use a Medicine Ball?

  Is it a ball? A weight? A cruel joke on those suffering from middle-school dodge-ball nightmares? Yeah, medicine balls are weird. And yes, medicine ball workouts look a bit silly (then again, what workout doesn’t look semi-ridiculous). But you … Continue reading