Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Benefits of Buying From Fitness Direct

Maybe you’ve ordered from us before. Maybe you haven’t! And if you haven’t, we sort of think that ought to be remedied. Call us biased, but we’re pretty proud of all the reasons why Fitness Direct is the best choice … Continue reading

Rainy Day Exercise Tips

You were so ready. You laced up those running shoes, ready to log a couple miles on your favorite running path. You opened the front door, only to realize that it was pouring out! Suddenly your workout mojo was gone … Continue reading

Inversion Systems – The Benefits

There must be an unwritten rule that the most ridiculous looking workout equipment actually provides the best benefits. After all, why else would people willingly strap themselves to an inversion system?   Let’s go over the facts. Here’s why those … Continue reading

Ways to Tone Your Back

Bench Presses. Pushups. Crunches galore. You do plenty to tone the front side of your torso. You may even spend hours trying to flatten your stomach and sculpt your ab and chest muscles.   But there are two sides to … Continue reading

Best Exercises for Calves

When it comes to toning up, calves can be one of the most annoying body parts. After all, it takes time to get a perfectly cut set of calves! Which is probably why most workout enthusiasts tend to skip calf … Continue reading