Monthly Archives: January 2012

Resolving To Get The Right Exercise Equipment This Year

It’s a very popular New Year’s resolution to decide to get into shape. Unfortunately, many people end up falling a bit short of this goal—some because of unrealistic expectations and others due to forgetfulness. While there are hundreds of reasons … Continue reading

Fitness 2012 – Apps and Computers

January is the month of resolutions. But it’s also the month of falling hopelessly off the bandwagon and giving up on said resolutions! At least that’s the way it goes with plenty of fitness goals. For many people, resolutions to … Continue reading

Seasonal Cyclists: Get a Bike Trainer!

With cold weather here to stay, chances are your outdoor cycling routine could get a little gnarly. Sure, you could get out your old ski mask, double up your thermal tights, and apply five layers of lip balm.   Or … Continue reading

Fight off Post-Holiday Weight Gain

Feeling a little overstuffed from too much holiday cheer? We all love Christmas parties and holiday get-togethers, but yule-tide festivities have a tendency to expand people’s waistlines and those bad habits can last into the new year.   This year, … Continue reading

Best Time of Day to Work Out

This year, countless people will take pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) and write something like the following:   “This year I resolve to get up at 5:30 and work out every day for an hour and a half.” … Continue reading