3 Reasons the WaterRower is Better than Air Rowers

Suddenly, WaterRower rowing machines went from more private cardio machines kept in select training centers, rehabilitation clinics and gyms to a trend setter! Has Rowing really become the new Spinning? What’s the deal? If you don’t have one or haven’t used one yet you may be thinking, “Pfft, it’s all hype.” Well, in this article we’re going to explore the 3 reasons that the WaterRower is increasingly preferred over traditional air models.


Reason #1: It’s Far More Realistic

indorow1The WaterRower was created by a professional rower to train for competition as a member of the American rowing team. Stationary rowing itself is meant to mimic rowing out on the waves. Air rowers are anything but realistic. Well, other than the air they throw into your face which feels pretty good. Their vertical flywheel pushes the air out in a continuous stream. But, the WaterRower’s horizontal blade moves through water.


So, not only do you get the sloshing sound as you row, but you also benefit from authentic resistance which we’ll get to momentarily. First, check out what Dr. Glenn Gero has to say about just how darn awesome the WaterRower is:


“Rowing is the ultimate, non-jarring, full-body exercise. One can choose to maintain a steady, relaxed pace or rowing can be one of the most intensely competitive endurance sports, burning as much as 1200 calories an hour. Rowing to me is the perfect exercise and the WaterRower is the best simulation of that perfect exercise.”

Reason #2: The Variable Resistance is more Effective

rs96_water_rower_studio232Most air rowers have resistance levels you can control, usually by increasing the intensity of the blade moving through air. A guy in his thirties in decent shape can bang out 1600 meters (1 mile) in 8-10 minutes and get pretty warmed up.


But, if that same guy who’s used to indoor air rowers were to head out in a boat on the water and see what REALLY rowing 1600 meters felt like, it would be a real mind-blower. The WaterRower can deliver everything from a tiny but of easy resistance to as much as your body can handle without having to fiddle with anything…or get wet.


Here’s what Donna C. Isaac has to say on the issue:


“After two years of seeing and participating in InsideOut’s WaterRower program, I believe that rowing is one of the best overall body workouts anyone can perform. Rowing is a smooth, non-impact exercise that allows the body to work in sync with itself by focusing on an intrinsic use of the musculoskeletal system.”

Reason #3: The WaterRower Enhances Performance

However, if that same guy we mentioned were to train on an indoor WaterRower, scooting across the lake or the bay would be much more effective. He would like row faster, more fluidly and end up burning more calories as a result.


Here’s the experience Zachary Lewis had:


“Case in point: In a half-hour on my regular machine at the gym, I generally crank out about 7,000 meters, or 4.3 miles. Last week, by contrast, on the WaterRower Natural rowing machine, with what felt like the same effort, I flew well over 8,000 meters, or 5 miles.”

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