How to Determine the Best WaterRower for You

rs172_s_waterrower_23251Awesome, you’ve made the monumental choice to invest in a WaterRower and now just need to figure out which of their models best suits you. In this article we’re going to go over each and help you find the one that’s got your name written all over it. As you’ll see, making the decision isn’t going to be hard at all.


When all is said and done it comes down to these components: your budget, the aesthetics that speak to you and how many extra features you’re after. First, let’s take a gander at each of the seven models currently available.

The Four Core Wooden Models

  • WaterRower Natural: Gorgeous Solid Ash craftsmanship with a soothing Honey Oak Stain that make this one of the more indoor-friendly models. Classy. Sophisticated. Sleek.
  • WaterRower Club: The Club is also crafted out of Ash but the difference is that it’s darker with a Black and Rose stain so it fits well in more commercial environments. That’s really the only difference from the Natural so it comes down to personal taste and where you intend to keep it.
  • WaterRower Oxbridge: Another stunner, the Oxbridge is made completely of solid Cherry wood and wil usually arrive in either a reddish brown or deep red hue. Because these models last so long, they will literally age like heirloom wooden furniture. The wood is great because it’s efficient at absorbing vibration throughout exercise.
  • WaterRower Classic: Aw yes, the Classic. Made from rich American Black Walnut grown in the states and then specifically manufactured for this WaterRower model. Expect a rich brown hue to almost a purplish-black tone.

While the first four core models are all sporting Danish Oil finishes on sustainably grown wood, the next three are all crafted out of stainless steel. The Natural, Club, Oxbridge and Classic are not different in construction or technical specification. It’s all about the aesthetic.


The 3 Stainless Steel Options

  • WaterRower S1: The spacing, specs, and technicalities are all exactly the same as the wooden models, it’s just made out of steel. This means it will last a very long time, it’s easy to keep clean as well and there’s less to worry about in the dings and scratches department.
  • WaterRower M1: The M1 is the primary commercial model of WaterRower that are already in many rehabilitation, fitness and athletic training facilities. The frame is constructed out of fabricated steel and then a powder coated finish is added at the end of the manufacturing process for extra reliability and modern beauty.
  • WaterRower M1 Hi Rise: The only difference between the M1 and the Hi-Rise is an attachment that gives it more elevation so that it’s far easier for older folks or people with leg or hip injuries to get on and off.

As you can see there are small nuances to each model but they’re all designed according to similar specifications that trace back to the first WaterRower rowing machine created by John Duke back in the late 80’s. And there you have it folks. Now it’s time to get your model and start rowing. And when it arrives, be sure to check out the WaterRowing rowing tutorial video. Thanks for reading!

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