Embrace Those That Seek to Derail Your Fitness Goals

New age philosophy claims that if you choose to experience wealth, first you must go through a period of destitution. If you choose a robust sex life, then first comes a lonely-streak. Basically, when you decide to change your life or better yourself in some way you must face friction that forces you to demonstrate that choice. What do you think?


In this article we’re going to explore the fitness angle for a fair amount of people out there. As soon as someone chooses to get in-shape and be healthy, people come out of the woodwork to try and counter their decisive actions. Here’s what to expect.


They Try to Sabotage Your Training

Action offends the inactive. Imagine someone in an obese family deciding to eat healthy food and workout. Picture one of a group of otherwise lazy friends who decides to quit eating junk food and take fitness classes three times a week. Brothers, sisters and best friends will try and get them to skip their workouts; skip meals, pretty much anything to get things back to what they consider normal.


Sometimes it can be a bit of innocent fun and they’ll let up once they see your dedication. But, oftentimes they won’t and it has nothing to do with you! It has to do with their own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. You’re threatening their narrative where it’s okay to live a completely unhealthy lifestyle.


They Try to Tempt Your Tummy

Wait, you want to eat healthy? I see…let’s get some fast food! Let’s eat some carrot cake. Let’s go out and have a few drinks! Check it out, I baked up a batch of cookies for you! Oh come on, that’s rabbit food!


The closer they are the more powerful their temptations become because they know your weaknesses. It can be so subtle. And it gets downright annoying.


They Try to Debunk your Philosophy

When it becomes clear that you’re a pillar of strength in the eating and training departments they’ll go for your frame of mind. They’ll seek to debunk your philosophy in a last ditch attempt to derail your fitness agenda. If that doesn’t work then anger or acceptance becomes their only options.


If it’s anger it will manifest in other ways. They are unlikely to directly attack you for doing the right thing, unless they want to take the stance that you’re acting holier than thou. If you are, that’s not cool. If not, then here’s the best option all around.


The Solution is to Embrace It!

If things aren’t dangerous in any way, or abusive, then just accept this fraction and be glad. It’s a sign that you’re committed. It’s a sign that you’re on track to reach your goals. Plus, the more you resist something the harder it’ll push so there’s no point. As you reach your goals you run a good chance of inspiring others to reach for theirs. It’s a beautiful thing.

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