FitDir Teams Up with Sixty Feet for a Human Cause

childrenHere at FitDir we live and breathe fitness/ human wellness, but we also love to give back in extra special ways to the world that has opened its arms to our business. Have you been exposed to the Sixty Feet story yet? When we heard it we were so moved that we donated a high-end treadmill especially for the efforts of these good Christian people and the Ugandan orphans they’re helping.

Humanity’s Orphans

runforthem_thumbRight now, at this very moment, there are millions of children born into a culture that doesn’t want or care about them. They’re alone as a direct result of extreme poverty and the AIDS epidemic still raging in Africa. Instead of being cared for these innocents are thrown into make-shift prisons where many of them slowly die of neglect, horrible conditions and malnutrition.


People can make difference. We can create a global culture where there are no more “third world countries.” Sixty does three things simultaneously:

  1. Helps people get in great shape by running, swimming, jogging, biking, etc., here in our local communities. They can get credit for their hard work either at organized functions or through a virtual race online.
  2. Brings awareness to others that God, morality, ethics, the universe etc., call on to take care of those who need it most.
  3. The money Sixty Feet gets through these fitness-based functions or sponsorships, cupcake sales and donations helps to dig just sixty feet down to where crystal clean water is found.

You know what, here’s a quote directly from their website:


“All the money raised by Team Sixty Feet runners, will go to provide immediate relief in the form of water, food, medical care, clothing and bedding. It will also go to providing long term restoration through educational sponsorships, justice, counseling, resettlement efforts and the love of Christ.”


Interested in the STUFT 60 Challenge for Run Sixty Feet?

image_thumb_thumbIf you’re planning on doing some cardio anyways, why not get in shape and help change our world for the better at the same time? I mean there’ll be so much good karma generation going on that it boggles the mind!


Take a gander at what’s going on over at with the STUFT 60 Challenge. Here’s one person that’s changing her life and others through fitness. We just had to donate to her cause because she’s awesome!


Head on over to and read their story. See what they’re doing and the difference they’re making. Click on “Ways to Give” and see what tickles your fancy. Because if one thing’s for certain, we cannot afford to wait around assuming governments are going to lift a finger. They’re change happens at a snail’s pace when these children don’t have that kind of time. Ways to make this world better are at our fingertips!

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