When Does Fitness Become an Obsession?

In recent years CrossFit has gotten some bad press due to the injuries and obsession that some of their members experience. In fact, this type of thing is popping up in many other areas of modern fitness; from Zumba and metabolic conditioning classes to the fitness-based obstacle course culture (Mud Runner, Survival Race, etc.).


For many, the safe conventional notion of working out and the gym experience is simply not enough anymore. People can take things too far; without even knowing it just like most other addictions. In this article we’re going to look at four red flags that should cause you to step back a sec.


Red Flag #1: When You’re Constantly Sore or Getting Weaker

CrossFit is extreme. It’s not your typical dumbbell chest workout on a Monday. But, people can punish themselves too much in the name of getting fit in any sport, or any training facility no matter what kind of specific physical activity they’re doing. Their conditioning gets to a point where they need to work out twice a day for hours to get that same soreness, or “pump.”


Eventually, the soreness disappears…for a while. The body simply adapts. But then the injuries come. Or worse, they hit the dreaded plateau or “over-training” area where chronic fatigue/weakness sets in. Even professional body builders and athletes take breaks.


Red Flag #2: When Physique-Specs Become Overbearing

Listen, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working hard for sexy abs and well-sculpted physical conditioning. No way, no how. And, it can be done quite safely. But, once the numbers/specs begin to take over your life and your “goal mentality” then it can becomes a real issue. Meaning, you begin to believe your self-worth and the meaning of your life are summed up in the scale on the weight, your waist size and your body fat percentage.


Red Flag #3: When Malnutrition Becomes a Threat

It’s easier than most people might think to injure yourself through eating improperly, even if it seems like you’re being a health nut. For example, someone that works out a ton but only eats maybe 1500 calories a day is gonna hurt themselves even if it’s all organics. Some guys can handle that for a while, but not over the long run. What if that whole 1500 calories comes from nothing but cheap supplement or meal replacement bars?


What if they drain their body of micronutrient, or sustain a small deficiency over a long period of time? It’s no good.


Red Flag #4: When There’s Nothing Else

When your personal relationships begin to wither away and there’s nothing else in your life but your workouts, your diet and training (forgiving some athletic and competition circumstances of course) then it could be an unhealthy addiction. Fitness is more than just looking a certain way, or feeling a certain way. Fitness is nothing really if you’re all alone, isolated and obsessed with your routine.


So, if you think you fit into any of these maybe it’s time to step back and re-examine just what it is you’re trying to accomplish through fitness. If not, well, then you just keep keepin’on tiger!

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