Take a look at the Waterrower Natural Series

unnamedAs the WaterRower concept and its WaterFlyWheel continue to redefine the cardio-craze, more and more people are interested in what sets them apart. In this article we’ll take a few minutes to dive into the specifics of the Natural Series, which is considered a good “starter” or “entry level” place for amateur rowers to begin.


WaterRower Rowing Machine Natural Series – Fitness Direct

Core Design & Materials of the Natural Series

Make no mistake, aesthetics is a big part of the design. In fact, John Duke, the man who created the WaterRower studied engineering at Yale. Over the last 20+ years the design has been perfected and polished but from day one the WaterRower vision is one of artistic cohesion with the environment. This goes as much for commercial and private in-home settings.


The Natural Series comes with two distinctly different frames:

  1. The WaterRower Natural: The frame is handcrafted in Rhode Island out of solid Ash wood and then expertly stained Honey Oak. So basically it’s like a fine piece of furniture that will gain in value through time. The Natural is finished with a Danish Oil for a “deep luster and warmth” according to the WaterRower website.
  2. The Waterrower Club: This one is darker and more conventional looking for a commercial environment, or perhaps in smaller boutique rowing clubs, studios and rehab clinics. While it’s also handcrafted with solid Ash, it’s stained to look much darker almost as if it were made out of solid steel.

Why Solid Ash Wood?

A couple very logical reasons. First, because Ash is a fabulous conduit of sound and energy. So instead of making lots of noise while you row the Ash helps everything stay silent and smooth. Ash is already known for its incredible longevity which is why so much fine furniture (antiques) is made out of the stuff. Then there’s the fact it adds to the overall structural and dimensional stability. See how that works? Finally, the specific Ash wood they use comes from replenished and sustainably harvested forests so there’s an ecological angle as well.


Why Water Instead of Air?unnamed01

Simply because water provides an ideal form of infinitely variable resistance. Meaning, the harder you row the more resistance there is and vice versa. At the end of the day John Duke created the WaterRower and the WaterFlyWheel to mimic the work it takes to use physical oars to move a boat across the water. Or, you could think about it like this: water provides roughly 800 times more resistance then air does and it engages 84% of your entire musculature/body. It’s the difference between sprinting around the track and trying to run through water. Folks can row very slowly and lightly and still get a workout, or kick things into high gear and take their body to its limits without risking injury or high-impact soreness.


Want to Know More?

Of course you do. Rowing is fantastically healthy, regenerative, helps to correct posture, burns tons of calories and it’s completely safe! Reach out and contact us and we’ll fill you in on all the details and help you find the perfect WaterRower to suit your needs. Thanks for reading!

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