WaterRower Accessories

machine-manuverThe WaterRower is sleek yet simple, eloquent yet functional piece of workout equipment that comes fully equipped to help you reach your physical goals. It is a high performance piece of exercise machinery that comes with everything you need for a complete body workout. If you so desire, WaterRower also offers accessories to help you further your workout goals and monitor your progress more closely.


WaterRower features various accessories to improve your rowing experience. The S4 Heart Rate Monitor allows you to monitor your exercise intensity, calculate your maximum heart rate, your resting heart rate, target heart rate, fat burning heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic training heart rates. By using the S4 Heart Rate Monitor you can better gauge if you meeting your work out goals. If you are working towards weight management or fat burning you will want to work out at a certain exercise intensity level. If your desired work out goal is cardiovascular or aerobic, your work out intensity will be higher than weight management. And if you are looking for an anaerobic work out, designed for fatigue tolerance, you will want to work out at the highest intensity level. The S4 Heart Rate Monitor can help you calculate at what rate of intensity you are working out.


Another accessory available to enhance your WaterRower work out experience is the HiRise Adaptor Kit for the S4, Dual Rail Models. The HiRise Adaptor Kit is designed to raise the WaterRower 8inches in order to provide ease of entry and a higher positioning when in use.  Also available for different models is the Indo-Row HiRise Adaptor Kit. Raising the position of the rowing machine will change the muscles that the work out targets.


1_28_19The Polar Heart Rate Monitor is another useful accessory to add to your overall performance while using your WaterRower. The Polar Heart Rate Monitor consists of a transmitter and an adjustable plastic strap which fits across the front of your chest, just below your pectoral muscles. The Polar Heart Rate Monitor helps track your heart rate zone during your work out and allows you to track how much time is spent above the zone, in the zone and below the zone.


WaterRower also provides a range of accessories to help preserve the life of your WaterRower. The WaterRower cover protects your machine from dust, debris and light while not in use. The WaterRower cleaning kit allows you to keep your machine operating at maximum capacity, helping you get the most out of your work out. You can purchase a WaterRower floor mat to protect the floor where you use your WaterRower as well, helping keep your work out space clean and functional. WaterRower also offers a line of workout clothes so you can stay in shape and feel confident about how you look as well as how you feel. Oarsome Grips fit over your WaterRower handles providing an effect solution for sore hands and wrists. And the Dual-Density ErgPad™ By Spectex allows you to row for extended periods of time.


The WaterRower is a great machine as is, but with these accessories you can take your work out to the next level.

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