WaterRower Gets Featured on House of Cards: Starts a Rowing Craze

The numbers are in folks, a functional fitness revolution is now sweeping the modern world. I mean let’s be honest, rowers used to be few and far between. Many popular gyms had a couple stuffed off to the side of elliptical trainers. Now, rowing classes are taking off and becoming a phenomenon all by themselves. People dig rowing. Contemporary models like the WaterRower make it a much less daunting indoor activity to master.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AMGNv957Xg


If Kevin Spacey can hop on a WaterRower Classic rowing machine on House of Cards and make it look easy, healthy, refreshing and challenging, then we all can. Plus, the machine was so quiet and smooth, and it looked absolutely fabulous; like functional fitness furniture. On top of all that though, this little tid-bit from Rowing Machine Review points out a gem as well:


“They are also extremely quiet in operation due to the wooden construction and the use of a strap rather that a chain. The only thing you can really hear is the swishing sound of the water in the tank as you pull giving you the feeling that you are really on the river!”

Some of the Outstanding WaterRower Benefits

Rowing is efficient exercise, made even better through hand-crafted WaterRower rowing machines that help the rider produce efficient rhythmic motion starting from the legs and then onward throughout almost the entire musculature. With that said, let’s talk some benefits.

  • rs111_waterrower_1_1Compared to many other forms of popular and old school cardio, rowing provides an extremely low-impact physiological environment where the tendons, ligaments and joint capsules aren’t put under undue tension.
  • Because of this, rowing is known as one of the highest calorie burners. Furthermore, because WaterRowers rely in water for resistance you can up the intensity as far as you want.
  • The range of motion is ideal for your ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints: full, wide, fluid and smooth.
  • In terms of training for muscular endurance or aerobic fitness, along with swimming and jump roping rowing is one of the best choices out there.

WaterRowers are Ergonomic and Easy to Store

machine-manuverYou can stand it upright and store it in the closet at home, or perhaps under the bed. At the gym they can be stood upright to take up only about two square feet or so. And then there’s the ergonomics of the machine regardless of what kind of wood you choose.


The railing is flat rather than curved in any way so that the movement is as natural as possible and dependent on body-power. The foot rests as well are perfectly places to ensure that the ride is a fully ergonomic one. If you watch the video of Kevin Spacey again you’ll see that his form is pretty top notch. Close your eyes the next time you’re on one and imagine yourself rowing out on the open water. The sound of the sloshing in the tank is going to help. Keep the head up, spine straight and remember to breathe fully and deeply. Thanks for reading!

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