WaterRower Manual and Videos

rs100_wri5319Congratulations on becoming the owner of a WaterRower rowing machine, one of the best pieces of workout equipment available. The WaterRower is a high quality rowing machine, designed to give you the best workout possible and strengthen your overall body, arms, legs, and core muscles. The WaterRower has become more popular over the past few years thanks to the Netflix original series House of Cards, staring Kevin Spacey and Robin Penn, who both use the WaterRower throughout the show. The WaterRower is an easy to use piece of equipment that comes with an amazing warranty and clear instructions on use, storage, and maintenance.


Since 1987, when WaterRower released the first model of the machine, the company has gone on to produce various other models, all of the same caliber as the original. The S4+Xeno, A1+GX, M1 Lo+HiRise, S1, and the original S3 are all available through WaterRower and are either manufactured in the Rhode Island facility or the London facility.


Owners of any of the models can find copies of the owner’s manual online at www.waterrowerservice.com/manuals/. Manuals include information on safety, start up maintenance, operation, preventative maintenance, and water level, footpad positioning, and cleaning your WaterRower. Online manuals also provide information to help set work out programs, both short term and long term, weight management guidelines, and training guidelines. Your WaterRower can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic training. Aerobic training improves the efficiency with which the respiratory and cardiovascular system can supply oxygen. Anaerobic exercise can lead to a buildup of lactic acid and is usually more psychological rather than physiological. Anaerobic training is usually used in conjunction with interval training and a desire to push the body’s limits of fatigue. Both types of exercise can be done with your WaterRower and the manual covers various work out programs designed for each type of exercise.


rs85_waterrower_2WaterRower also features many videos online at www.waterrowerservice.com/videos/. These videos cover topics ranging from assembly to replacing parts, troubleshooting the monitor to filling the water tank. The WaterRower is a unique rowing machine in that the resistance is generate by actual water in the tank, creating a more natural and realistic feel to your work out. The different water levels in the water tank create the effect of either a heavier or lighter boat, with either more or less crew. The resistance can be adjusted by the user and changed for a different type of workout based on desired resistance.


The WaterRower is easy to use and the set up, maintenance, storage, and warranty make owning a WaterRower a smart choice. With the online manuals available for all models and the thorough online videos to help with maintenance and upkeep, keeping your WaterRower in top condition is easy and stress-free. If you do find yourself unable to maintain or repair your WaterRower with the online manual and videos, you can always make use of the amazing warranty that the WaterRower comes with and get back to rowing in no time!

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