Waterrower Warranty Best On The Market

rs172_s_waterrower_23251Not only is the WaterRower rowing machine one of the best and hottest pieces of exercise equipment on the market today, but it comes with one of the best, most comprehensive warranty packages. When you purchase you WaterRower rowing machine, you are also getting a great warranty to ensure that you can use your WaterRower for years to come and get the most out of this phenomenal piece of equipment.


The WaterRower rowing machine is available in a variety of models and designs to compliment any home or fitness space. Regardless of which model you choose, your WaterRower comes with a one year warranty from the initial date of shipment from WaterRower. This warranty can be upgraded to a three year warranty on all components and a five year warranty on all wooden elements. In order to upgrade to the three and five year warranties, you must register your within the first year of purchase. WaterRower’s warranty is applicable to both private and commercial purchases.


The warranty will be considered voided if, in the opinion of WaterRower, the claim is found to be a result of improper assembly, usage beyond the design of the product, overfilling of the water tank, use of alternative purification of the water tank, improper cleaning, or use and storage in extreme weather conditions. Each WaterRower machine comes with a full manual which covers proper assembly, storage, use, cleaning, and maintenance so that each owner can take proper care of his or her WaterRower.


WaterRowers are among the most popular rowing machines on the market right now, and compared to the other top selling rowing machines, they feature the most comprehensive warranty package available. Other popular rowing machines available currently include the Concept2 InDoor Rower, LifeCore rowing series, and Kettler USA rowing machines.


rs56_m1_hirise_wood_floor_female_rowerThe WaterRower is designed to last and with proper care and maintenance this piece of workout equipment can be a long term addition to your home gym or to your fitness studio. Whether you’re purchasing a WaterRower for personal use to keep in your home or if you have a fitness business and are purchasing multiple WaterRowers for your gym or exercise space, the WaterRower is a great addition to your exercise machine collection. Rowing is considered to be one of the best workouts as it uses the upper, lower, and trunk muscles simultaneously. Each WaterRower is hand-crafted and unique, whereas other rowing machines are mass produced and assembled quickly and without care. Each WaterRower has its own unique wood pattern is designed to last. The water tank gives the most realistic rowing workout of any rowing machine on the market at this time and when care for properly, your WaterRower will last for years.


In the event that something does happen to your WaterRower, make use of the great warranty package. By registering your WaterRower you are guaranteed to have a piece of workout equipment that will last and continue you to challenge your mental and physical goals.

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