Gaming and Fitness

For years, parents have nagged their kids to put down their game controllers and get some exercise. Sure video games are a great form of entertainment, but they could never be considered a healthy activity. How times have changed! The advent of motion sensitive controllers and consoles have turned this once coach potato pastime, into a fun and engaging way to exercise. The first gaming company to crack the fitness market was Nintendo. The instant popularity of the Wii quickly prompted rival developers to come up with their own versions; these came in the form of the Xbox Kinect from Microsoft, and Sony’s Playstation Move. Each have a number of fitness releases that show the benefits and drawbacks of working out with your games console.


Helps with Weight Management
The Wii Balance Board can measure weight while also help detect your center of balance. Each activity is assigned an intensity level. The intensity level, activity duration and your body weight combine to form the total calories burned. The games can keep track of how much weight you have lost, providing a great way to monitor your progress.


Ensures correct performance
Each platform has packages covering aerobics, yoga, strength training and even Zumba!
Normally instruction on these types of exercise at home would have come watching a video, but how can you be sure you’re doing them right without a personal trainer looking at every movement. Well hat’s where gaming technology steps in. The sophisticated sensors can scrutinize your every movement to ensure no incorrect steps have gotten you over the finish line.


It’s Fun
Boredom can be a major deterrent to regular exercise. Fitness games however, incorporate increasingly novel ways to hold you’re interest. Whether it be completing an intricate dance routine or testing your coordination to keep a hula spinning; the games are suitable for all levels of fitness and offer a great introduction to regular exercise.


Provides All-Weather Activity
Weather is no excuse for staying on your couch. Fitness video games can be played no matter how nasty the elements behave. The wet and cold needn’t stop you from an active game of tennis; while the sweltering summer heat still makes for a perfect time to practice your downhill skiing!


While fitness video games can offer a relatively cheap way to experience new workouts, they can only go so far. For the hardcore exercise enthusiasts who require a more in depth and strenuous workout, systems such as the Wii and Kinect offer little in the way of resistance. Video games can certainly help spark your interest in exercise, but as you develop a routine the benefits can become less effective.


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