Street Ellipticals vs. Indoor

Streetstrider Street EllipticalElliptical machines. What’s not to love? After all, ellipticals are perfect for people who want a challenging workout, but need a gentle way to ease into fitness. And they’re especially helpful if you suffer from bad knees or joint pain.


Until recently, the only drawback of using an elliptical meant that your workout was confined to the indoors (unless you felt like dragging the machine out on your porch or patio). But that problem was solved with the fabulous invention of the outdoor elliptical.


Ready to size up your new and improved elliptical options? Check out the pros and cons of the latest street ellipticals and commonly known indoor variety:



Outdoor Elliptical Machines



  • There’s plenty to see! Forget staring at that wall or watching reruns on TV. If you go outdoors you can see new things every day!
  • Looking for a workout buddy? It’s much simpler to meet up with your outdoor ellipticals than to lug your indoor machine over to your friend’s house.


  • They’re a little less exciting to use during extreme weather. During super hot days and frigidly cold months, you’ll probably need an alternative form of exercise.
  • Using outdoor ellipticals on hills and various terrains makes for a much more challenging workout. Which can be good or bad – depending on your level of fitness.


Indoor Elliptical Machines



  • They’re perfect for multitasking. You can read or watch the news while you workout.
  • They can be used year-round, regardless of the weather.


  • Indoor elliptical machines can become more boring to use.
  • Unless you’re working out at a gym, elliptical workouts are usually done alone. Which is great if you like exercising alone, but not so great if you enjoy group fitness.

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