AbSolo Core Trainer

The Future of Functional Core Fitness Has Arrived

It used to be that the only people who wanted or needed super-low percentages of body fat were models, actors and professional body builders. Getting them from an exercise perspective has always seemed so incredibly hard and that fact most people away. The good news is that today thanks to modern fitness-style technological innovation, people have access to the AbSolo Core Abdominal Training System.

The fitness industry is evolving as quickly as any other. The evidence abounds in home and commercial gym training equipment that just a few years ago would have been considered impossible. Let’s take a look at the primary benefits that a piece of equipment like the Absolo has to offer.


Awesome AbSolo Benefits for Today’s Fitness Lovers

Once you get through this straightforward list you’ll understand why something that at first looks so unconventional is growing in intense popularity. It’s about functional training that gets results with ricking health or causing extreme boredom.

  • Entertainment: Yeah, it’s fun to get in a quick workout on the AbSolo. Absolutely light-years from the old days of lying down on the ground and doing the same old crunches. The way the body moves and how the mind, hands and upper body has to work together makes it consistently interesting from a muscular and metabolic standpoint.
  • Engaging: Most people don’t get pumped and excited to do some leg-lifts or neck breaking crunches. On the AbSolo the body is completely engaged from the feet to the top of the neck. Using the medicine ball literally every muscle fiber in the body gets in on the action.
  • Ergonomic: While conventional core workouts strain the back of the neck and cause an irregular curvature of the spine, the AbSolo is specially engineered so that it is completely safe and ergonomic. Perfect form is baked into the trainer so that the user doesn’t’ need to think about it.
  • Accessible: Only professional clubs used to carry the AbSolo and only those lucky enough to have memberships at these gyms would get to use them. Many of which were athletes. Now the AbSolo is available to everyone! Plus, it has a small footprint when folded up to easily fit in the garage, an extra room or even a closet.
  • Effective: At the end of the day the reason why AbSolo is so popular is because it works. Yes, it looks cool and it’s really fun to workout with. But, that wouldn’t have been enough to bring this amazing fitness invention to the heights it enjoys today.

Is AbSolo the End of Sit-ups?

No, sit-ups are always a great option for quick ab workouts when there’s no kind of equipment around. Leg lifts are also somewhat effective, but to really burn enough calories to see the core muscles it takes conditioning with trainers like the AbSolo.


Furthermore, it’s exceedingly difficult to build abdomen muscles through body weight alone. Thousands of sit-ups will make the abs a little stronger, but they won’t cause the actual muscle fibers to grow.

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