Commercial Exercise Equipment San Diego

s972-functional-trainerThe commercial exercise equipment San Diego industry is thriving, fueled by technological and medical innovations galore. There’s never been a better time to either open a new gym or local club because the 21st century fitness movement is gaining strength and intensity.

New gym owners can be there to capitalize on the legions of folks who will be heading to the fitness center to lose weight, stave of diabetes and live healthier lives.


And, people judge prospective gym primarily on two things: first there’s the amenities and then there’s the commercial exercise equipment.


  • Are the machines updated and modern? Is the free weight room filled out and spacious?
  • What’s the quality of the cardio machines?
  • These things really matter to people, especially these days when the amount of people with money to burn are near non-existent.

3 Tips to Investing in Commercial Exercise Equipment San Diego

Here are three important things that you should consider when it’s time to go shopping and fill that list. It’s important to approach with the right perspective or you risk wasting a ton of time and precious capital.


Tip #1: Study Your Gym Members


The most important thing any gym owner can do is get to know their ideal customer base.


Understand what the people in your area like. What’s the primary demographic? Sure, have a little something for everyone, but let your customer base tell you what they prefer. If you do not have some way of keeping track of equipment traffic, you’re selling yourself short.


  • Commercial fitness equipment you can incorporate into classes is going to be huge. Weekly classes are growing into a trend all by themselves, people love them! Throw in some barbells, dumbbells, Kettlebells, cycling bikes etc. and watch your attendance sore.
  • Folks in their 20s, 30s and 40s are going to lean towards free weights while the aging population will prefer low impact machines.
  • What’s the obesity rate in your area? It’s not high everywhere and if more physically fit people are going to come to your gym they’ll need advanced equipment.

Tip #2: Invest in Quality over Quantity


inflight_ctmec_leg_machine.1Do NOT sell yourself short with horrible and cheap commercial exercise equipment San Diego. When you factor in maintenance, upkeep and customer satisfaction costs it just isn’t worth it. When you offer your customers the best brands, the stylish contemporary equipment and the most effective equipment it all comes back in terms of ROI.


Tip #3: Think Seasonally


Studies show that not only do prices fluctuate throughout the year, but the demand for certain types of equipment do as well. There are good times to invest and there are bad times. Even though southern California is typically sunny and warm, like New Mexico or Arizona, we get seasonal traffic.


If you’re searching around for commercial gym equipment San Diego, keep these tips close to heart and please let us know if we can help you make smarter purchases.

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