Commercial Fitness Equipment San Diego

multi-lat-arm-machine-inflight-ct-mlaHeading into 2014 quality commercial fitness equipment San Diego is an incredibly hot investment. Private and local clubs are taking advantage of how swiftly this new age of innovation is moving. The type of equipment and machines you can offer your members these days are astounding, from both an engineering and marketing perspective.

It’s important to understand trends in the California fitness industry. For example, look at recent health care legislation in America. How is that going to influence the amount of incoming traffic they’ll see over the next couple years? Will they have the right equipment and offer their members the things they prefer?

Trends in Commercial Fitness Equipment San Diego

California has felt the economic crunch over the last few years, and so has San Diego. But, regardless of what’s going on in the conventional economy people are more interested and engaged with mainstream than ever before. Here’s some things to keep in mind.


Trend #1: Functional & Progressive Fitness


Folks these days are living longer and staying younger longer as well. While in the past people were really concerned about looking hot at the beach, these days it’s more about being healthier and less dependent on the medical system at large. People may have no health insurance, but they’ll get a gym membership and maybe invest in a solid personal trainer.


The fitness equipment needs to be well-rounded. There should be plenty of low-impact options for the older generations and lots of free-weights, functional trainers and updated cardio machines as well.


Trend #2: Modern Innovation vs. Old School Fitness


To stand out, invest in a mix of 21st century commercial fitness equipment San Diego, and the more traditional stuff. Cable machines have come a long ways, and so have all-in-one “total” gyms. Furthermore, the cardio-based machines are unreal. Being able to provide your members with modern stylish options rather than just a bunch of dusty old free-weights is going to be a wise move.  


2_6_27Trend #3: Classes Craze


Any equipment you can use to either compliment a fitness class, or create one of your own is a solid move as well. A huge portion of the people entering the gym market don’t want to go solo. They prefer to join classes, get in an amazing workout in less than an hour or so, and be told exactly what to do by an instructor. It’s efficient and more social than the typical Lone Ranger routine.


Trend #4: Efficient Fat Loss


The age of technology is moving pretty quickly. Our lifestyles are fast-paced. Folks need to trim down and get healthier but most don’t have 3 hours a day to desiccate to it. It’s more like 3 hours a week. The more options you have that helps them reach their goals quickly and safely, the more people you’ll see coming through the doors.


If we can help you in get the best commercial fitness equipment to serve your particular needs, please let us know.

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