Exercises with a BOSU

Bosu WorkoutMaybe you’ve seen those odd-looking blue half-balls at the gym. Or maybe you’ve heard people talk about how much they love their BOSU. Either way, you’re left thinking “What the heck is that thing?!”


Here’s the deal. BOSU balance trainers are one of the simplest ways to revolutionize your fitness routine. BOSU stands for “both sides up” – since it can be utilized with either the blue ball side or the flat black side up. And because one side of the BOSU is rounded, every exercise you do becomes a superior stability and balance challenge. Use a BOSU regularly and you’ll be able to reshape your body more quickly and more effectively than if you exercised without one!


Here are some examples of how a BOSU can maximize your workout routine and make simple exercise more efficient:


• Try doing push-ups while resting your hands on the flat black side of the BOSU. Because you are forced to maintain balance, your body automatically engages extra muscles. Instead of just working your arms and chest, you’ll be strengthening your core and back muscles.


• Stand with both feet shoulder distance apart on the rounded blue side of the BOSU. Slowly do a squat until your thighs are parallel from the ground, all the while maintaining perfect balance. It’s harder than it looks! In addition to working your thighs and calves, you’ll be working every muscle of your core. For added challenge, try holding weights while you squat or doing one-legged squats.


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