Explode with Plyo Boxes

Pylo BoxFor those who are looking to take their workout to the next level with incredible plyometrics, having a sturdy set of plyo boxes around your home is of the utmost importance. With plyo boxes, you can get incredible cardio and muscle workouts in a very short amount of time.


For athletes that are concerned about their speed and jump training, having access to plyo boxes is a requirement. Plyo boxes allow trainers to combine intense cardio workouts with jumping and flexibility drills that will get athletes at the top of their game, fast. Not only can plyo boxes help you increase your vertical jumping height, but also your cardiovascular endurance, foot speed, and your leg strength in general.


Another great thing about plyo boxes is that they stack easily for storage. This is one of the best ways to fit a big home gym into a small space – when you’re done with your training, your plyo boxes will stack on top of each other and store easily in the basement or a garage or even the corner of a room. Many people are concerned with how much space their home gym will take up – but with plyo boxes, this doesn’t have to be a worry!


Our plyo boxes at Fitness Direct come in a variety of sizes so that you can create a workout routine that works best for you. They’re made out of solid steel and can support weight up to 300 pounds – which means that you can work on your speed and agility with confidence. Those who are looking to take their fitness regimen up to the next level as well as up their speed and agility will find that plyo boxes are an excellent addition to their home gym. Check out the plyo boxes that Fitness Direct sells here: Fitness Direct Plyo Boxes.


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