Fitness Equipment San Diego

A trend is sweeping the west coast, and the majority of all fitness equipment in San Diego that people want for working out at home has to do with functional and progressive fitness.

This list of functional fitness equipment pretty much lays out everything anyone could need to completely train their body from head to toe at home without much space. These days it’s definitely the way to go as with one small investment training is secured and taken care of for the long term.


The Fitness Equipment in San Diego You Need for a Quality Home Gym

  • Fitness Equipment San DiegoPower Rack: A Power Rack makes it easy to get most of the major Olympic style exercises done in safety. These include barbell shrugs, deadlifts, squats, thrusters and standing military presses.
  • Olympic Bar & Plates: These go with the Power Rack, but there are countless men and women over the last hundred years who have just a bar and some plates and use that to train their body in tons of ways. Even the plates can be used separately in a myriad of ways.
  • Dumbbells: These are a cornerstone product of fitness and will always be. People should shoot for three sets. Light, moderate and moderately heavy. Then, just come up with 100 ways to use them and get creative.
  • a_9_16Adjustable Workout Benches: The benches come in handy for tons of exercise. With barbells, plates and dumbbells the benches make it possible to integrate more stability into exercises like presses and rows.
  • Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are incredibly powerful for training the smaller muscle groups, as well as tendons, ligaments and the tiny muscle fibers around joint capsules. The also add to flexibility and are great to keep the pace going in between big exercises.
  • Kettlebells: These are as old if not older than dumbbells. They allow you to leverage and manipulate tension and weight in weights that dumbbells and barbells don’t.
  • Ab Wheel: The ab wheel allows people to apply the tension their core needs to grow and increase density. They’re cost effective and way better than traditional or conventional leg lifts and crunches.
  • Medicine Ball: Easy to inflate and deflate these are increasingly found in more homes throughout the modern world because of how beneficial they can be. Just in terms of stretching, flexibility and overall body control.
  • Foam Roller: These are for massaging the muscles. As life gets stressful and the muscles gets into knots these simple tools can smooth out the rough spots and get a body feeling good within no time. Plus, they’re incredibly relaxing.
  • Plyo Boxes: In terms of cardiovascular endurance and low body training from strength and agility angles, Plyo boxes are the best.

If you’ve decided to invest in a quality and effective home gym, be sure to keep an eye out for solid brands when choosing your fitness equipment in San Diego.

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