Inversion Systems – The Benefits

Best Fitness Inversion TableThere must be an unwritten rule that the most ridiculous looking workout equipment actually provides the best benefits. After all, why else would people willingly strap themselves to an inversion system?


Let’s go over the facts. Here’s why those odd-looking inversion systems are worth a second glance:


• They work your core. And a strong core means reduced risk of injury, increased energy, better posture, improved balance, and better breathing. Oh yeah, and it means you’ll have a rockin’ set of abs.


• They’re better than bench or floor workouts. An inversion system forces your abdominal muscles to work much harder than traditional bench or floor exercises. As a result, you get a more intense (and more effective) workout in a short amount of time.


• They’re doctor recommended. Many hospitals and doctors utilize inversion systems to strengthen patients’ backs and elongate their spines. They also use inversion systems to increase blood circulation and to reduce pressure on ligaments, nerve roots, and spinal discs. Who knew?!


• They’re actually pretty easy to use. Because of advanced design features, today’s inversion machines are comfortably shaped and simple to operate. Easy-to-read manuals explain the different types of exercises that can be done with inversion systems. And most standard models are designed with sleek, breathable materials, so you can be comfortable while you work out.


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