Recumbent Bikes San Diego

Healthcare reform has come to California and an increasing amount of folks are looking for quality recumbent bikes San Diego. They’re an indispensable tool in the fight against obesity and diabetes, and they provide a gambit of benefits that other cardio trainers don’t have. Furthermore, the prices are absolutely awesome!


In this article we’ll go over the major benefits and talk about certain things that you should keep in mind as you shop around for high-end and cost-effective fitness products.

Major Benefits of Recumbent Bikes San Diego


spirit-xbr55-recumbent-bike-fsThis list isn’t by any means meant to be all-inclusive. There are countless reasons to use modern recumbent bikes with the most updated fitness innovations (and technological perks). We’re going to stick with the big four: cardio, increased muscle mass, weight management and low-impact comfort.


Contemporary Cardio


No one wants mindless, endless and boring cardio anymore. The mind and body need ore engagement. Recumbent bikes are actually a bit harder than their upright counterparts because the user has less leverage to work with and they can’t use their body weight. In the seated position you have to work hard, especially with harder resistance settings.


You work the lower body and remain in a biomechanically correct ergonomic posture which ensures plenty of blood and oxygen are getting to the major muscle groups. Not only is it easy to increase your endurance levels, but you can drastically increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system as well.


Increased Lean Mass & Metabolic Rate


Along with increasing endurance and stamina, these days more people need to put on some lean mass. Modern lifestyles are simply not as demanding as the body needs them to be to build and maintain muscle. Lean mass is critical to health, and the more you have the more influences your metabolic rate.

Ideally people should shoot to lower their body fat percentage and replace it with quality muscle tissue. Recumbent bikes San Diego with quality design provide more than enough challenge for people to increase the lean mass in their lower body.


Better Weight Management Options


With a recumbent bike in the home, or with regular access at the gym, people can use up more of the energy they consume on a daily basis to tip the scales in their favor. When more energy goes out than comes in, people trim and tone. Recumbent bikes are affordable and get the job done right in a shorter amount of time.


Low-Impact Cardio Comfort


Finally, with recumbent bikes and other stationary cardio trainers there is almost zero impact that can wear down on or bother already injured joints, ligaments and tendons. For older folks, and those who are in physical rehabilitation recumbent bikes are a really good option that allows them to get in a great workout without the pain or discomfort.


If you’re looking for a quality recumbent bike San Diego, make sure to keep these benefits in mind and never short change your personal fitness!

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