Seasonal Cyclists: Get a Bike Trainer!

Bike TrainerWith cold weather here to stay, chances are your outdoor cycling routine could get a little gnarly. Sure, you could get out your old ski mask, double up your thermal tights, and apply five layers of lip balm.


Or you could just get a bike trainer!


Here’s the deal. Whether you’re a die-hard cycling aficionado or just an occasional round-the-block pedal pusher, a bike trainer is the perfect way to take your cycling habit to the next level! Not only do you get to use your personal bike indoors, but you get a killer cardio workout that’s customized to your personal fitness level.


This is how it works:


A bike trainer’s special design allows it to be attached to the rear wheel of your outdoor bicycle. This elevates the rear wheel so that it has no contact with the ground. As a result, you get to pedal freely without the bicycle moving forward!


Small enough to store in a closet, and less expensive than a full stationary bike, bike trainers are perfect for those whose regular habit is to bike outdoors. Whenever inclement weather occurs, a bike trainer makes it simple to maintain a cycling training regime. And with modern technology, bike trainers offer superbly smooth rides, handy resistance settings, and a real-road feel.


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