Spin Bikes San Diego

Quality spin bikes San Diego are gaining in popularity and selling like hot cakes on a cold winter day. They feel great, burn mountains of calories and it really feels just like the real thing except without the weather. Some are commercial owners who want to sport new models for this spin classes, while many others are folks just looking to enjoy spin the exercise in their home.


A 5-Step Guide to Buying Spin Bikes San Diego

Spin bikes are a bit different than your ordinary stationary exercise bike. There are certain aspects of the machine that people should have a tight grasp on while they shop. Here is a guide to ensure you get the perfect model to suit your particular needs.


life_fitness_indoorcycle_lifecycle_gxStep 1: Make Sure to Get a Heavier Fly Wheel


Most folks are going to need a roughly 40 lb. fly wheel or heavier for that extra smooth feel and to add to the overall stability of the bike. The fly wheel is one of the things that makes the ride feel good and natural, and if it’s too light the ride feels like far less of a workout. Smooth pedal strokes also translate into less jerky or inefficient movement.


Step 2: Fore & Aft Handlebar Settings


In the old days you could only adjust your spin bike’s handlebars up or down to suit different heights and body types. However, these they should also be able to move frontwards and backwards as well. This is to ensure the rider has better posture and compliment their unique biomechanics. Ergonomics is a big deal, especially for regular riders.


Step 3: Belt-Drive or Chain Drive?


Some Spin Bikes replicate outdoor bikes to the point that they use a chain to turn the fly wheel. It’s not really necessary and more often than not going to be a bit of a waste. As a general rule it’s going to be best to choose a spin bike that uses a belt-drive because they require far less maintenance and are far quieter.


Step 4: Adjustable Seating


life_fitness_indoorcycle_lifecycle_gx3At the end of the day if you don’t have a good seat your backside is going to get pretty sore, and this could keep you from riding as much as you normally would. Spin bikes can be extraordinarily challenging, and as such the seat needs to be comfortable and specially padded. Pay attention to the seat! And, make sure it had adequate adjustments to suit different positions.


Step 5: Invest in a Bike mat


This is simple. It makes the ride even more stable, protects both the floor and the bike, and it looks nice. Invest in a good mat that’s designed for this specific purpose.


Step 6: Accessorizing the Spin


Do you need an on-board computer? Is a water bottle important? Pay attention to the potential accessories and get not only what you need to get started, but what you’ll need a few months from now when you’re doing extended and extra challenging rides on your spin bikes San Diego.

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