Stair Climbers at Your Desk

Mini-stair climberEver wish you had more time to work out? Between your job, family, and extracurricular responsibilities, it can be hard to squeeze in enough time for personal fitness. But then again, who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone? Here’s an idea. Instead of separating your “work time” and “work out time” try combining the two.


Sounds crazy, right? Well not if you’re using a stair climber at your desk! Here’s how it works:


• Invest in a lightweight mini stair stepper that fits below your desk. Position it directly in front of your chair and under your workspace. (Tip: You may have to adjust the height of both your seat and keyboard in order to find the most comfortable position!)


• Adjust the resistance level to suit your workout needs. Try a lower resistance to start with, especially if you want to use your stepper for an extended period of time. Eventually you’ll be able to work up towards greater resistance levels.


• Challenge yourself to maintain a certain pace for a set period of time. Mini stair steppers are surprisingly easy to use and most people find that they can easily type on the keyboard, make phone calls, read documents, and write – all while stepping!


Ready to work out while you work? After all, Steppers are one of the best ways to build and tone muscle in the legs and glutes. These strengthening benefits make stair climbers ideal for cross training enthusiasts and those who need low-impact, injury prevention exercises. Plus, a mini stair climber workout burns calories, boosts the metabolic rate, increases stamina, and improves cardiovascular function. And you never even have to leave your desk!


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