The Big Debate: Treadmill vs. Elliptical

Elliptical TrainersIt’s the age-old question of the modern cardio enthusiast: treadmill or elliptical? After all, they both offer a challenging cardiovascular workout that can be customized to a person’s ability level. They both are staples at the gym, but can be purchased for home use. They both offer an intense aerobic workout that burns calories, tones leg muscles, and improves overall health.
So which one is right for you? Here’s some info to help you make the best decision:
You might be a treadmill junkie if…
…you’re looking for a quick way to lose excess fat.
…you want to build extreme cardiovascular endurance.
…you enjoy outdoor runs in the spring and fall, but need a better way to log your miles during extreme summer heat or bitter winter temps.
…you don’t have any joint problems.
…you want a machine that will challenge you to match its speed.
You might be an elliptical trainers lover if…
…you need to ease into a cardio workout that will burn fat and tone your body.
…you want to tone your arms while toning your legs.
…you need a gentle, impact-free way to boost your cardiovascular fitness.
…you want a machine that is powered by your own speed.
Regardless of whether a treadmill or elliptical wins your heart, Fitness Direct has the best selection of Home & Commercial Exercise Equipment. So you can get your own treadmill. Or elliptical. Or both!

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