5 Tips: Training for Triathlons

Fitness Direct Exercise EquipmentTraining for a triathlon is no easy feat! Sure, you can be a naturally gifted athlete and have genetically blessed runner’s feet and swimmer’s shoulders. But unless you train effectively, you’ll never reach your full potential.
Searching for some training tricks? Here’s 5 tips for getting the most out of your triathlon workouts:
1. Perfect your peddling. Many beginning cyclists make errors when they pedal. Try to avoid “pedal stomping” (when a cyclist puts all energy into the down motion and fails to effectively pull the pedal back up) and “mashing” (using a big gear with a slow cadence). Practice cycling the right way and you’ll notice a difference in your performance. One of our Cycles can help you practice!
2. Evaluate your stroke. When it comes to a triathlon, nothing’s worse than a weak stroke. Make sure your swimming technique is up to snuff and get a coach or trainer to evaluate your swimming and give you some feedback. Once you know what to work on, you can improve your stroke by doing swimming drills (ask your coach for some drills or search online for some basic ones).
3. Get the most from your runs. Since you’re cross-training you’ll have less time to focus solely on running. So make sure your runs count! Skip the casual jogs and go for a challenge every time. Tempo runs, lengthy runs, and interval workouts one of our treadmills are the best way to improve your running time when you have limited training time.
4. Boost your nutrition. You’ll want to consume a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy, and lean protein. Minimize your intake of sugars, unhealthy fats, and processed foods. and go for natural foods instead. Break your daily caloric intake into several smaller meals to minimize fat storage.
5. Get adequate rest and recuperation. Many athletes push themselves so hard that they fail to recover between workouts. The result? Overtraining and injury. Make sure you’re getting enough R&R by sleeping 8 hours a night and resting whenever your body needs it – even if it goes against your triathlon training schedule.
Whether you’re a triathlete-in-training or just a treadmill new, Home Exercise Equipment can take your workouts to the next level. Check out Fitness Direct for a superior selection of top brands. And if you like Fitness Direct on Facebook you’ll get exclusive tips on training and exercise!

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