Best Exercises for Calves

When it comes to toning up, calves can be one of the most annoying body parts. After all, it takes time to get a perfectly cut set of calves! Which is probably why most workout enthusiasts tend to skip calf workouts. But if you’re hoping to rock a skirt, shorts, or swimsuit, then you’ve got to whip those calves into shape.

Ready to tone those suckers? Try one of these top exercises for toning calves:


• Do calf raises. Stand with your feet parallel and hip distance apart. Place your hands on your hips or let them hang at your sides. Inhale and slowly raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet. Exhale and lower your heels to the ground. Repeat until your calves burn! For modifications, try doing the exercise with your toes turned out at a 45-degree angle. Or, try standing on a rolled up towel or doing the exercise while standing on one foot.


• Take a step class. Sure, it might look ridiculous. But those goofy looking aerobic classes are killer workouts for your calves! You’ll be taking an average of 273 steps per minute during a normal step class. That’s over four times your regularly-paced walking step-per-minute average!


• Try a stepper. It’s one of the handiest pieces of gym equipment. Not only will you get a killer calf workout, but you’ll also tone your buttocks, hips, and thighs while you’re at it.


• Raise the treadmill’s incline. Take a break from your usual treadmill routine and walk at a brisk pace with the incline set on high. You’ll burn calories quickly and your calf muscles will get a challenging workout.


• Hike those hills. No gym nearby? Take a walk in the hilliest terrain available. The more hills you climb the more your calves will burn. Bring on the shorts and miniskirts!


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