Best Time of Day to Work Out

ClockThis year, countless people will take pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) and write something like the following:


“This year I resolve to get up at 5:30 and work out every day for an hour and a half.”


Sound familiar? The only problem is, daily gym treks at the crack of dawn might not be the best resolution to make this year. Though popular, early morning workouts aren’t necessarily the optimum time to improve your physical fitness.


So when should you work out?


Well, many studies indicate that the best time of day to work out is early afternoon. Here’s why:


• Workout performance is greatly improved since the body has had more time to wake up and naturally warm up.


• Morning meals give the body energy for greater stamina and energy.


• The body’s hormonal levels change throughout the day. The testosterone / cortisol ratio maintains a healthier balance during afternoon workouts (as opposed to early morning workouts).


• Research shows that afternoon workouts are better for healthful sleep cycles. Those who don’t work out in the morning get more shut-eye. Plus, afternoon workouts have been shown to have little to no effect on people’s ability to fall into a restful sleep at night!


• Those who work out later in the day are more likely to have a lower fat mass.


• For many people, sticking to a consistent afternoon workout resolution is a more achievable goal than early morning exercise regimes.


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