Best Workouts to Prep for Skiing

Skiing coupleWhether you’re an avid black diamond skier or a freaked-out fan of the bunny-hill, you know what a day on the slopes can do to your body. One day you’re zipping gleefully down the slopes and feeling great. And then the next thing you know your legs, arms, and back muscles are in screaming out in pain!


This winter, avoid the cruel agony of a skier’s morning after. Prep your body with these simple gym equipment workouts:


For your legs…


• Head for the leg press machine. You’ll get a full-leg workout that will ready your legs for the slopes. Make sure to adjust the machine to your height and position yourself with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your feet flat against the machine, push through your heels, and extend your legs. Hold for a count, slowly release, and repeat.


• Strengthen your hip abductors before you ski, otherwise you could end up with crippling pain mid-slalom. Try using the hip abductor machine in the weeks leading up to your ski excursion. Adjust the machine to work both your inner and outer hip abductors.


For your arms..


• Reintroduce yourself to the rowing machine. Today’s rowing machines have evolved since being a staple of your parent’s gym routine. Contemporary rowing machines adapt automatically to a user’s fitness level. Go ahead and add 15 minutes of rowing to your daily workout and you’ll get your biceps, triceps, and pecs ready to ski. And as a bonus, rowing also works your abs, legs, and back!


For your back…


• In addition to utilizing the rowing machine, try adding some lat exercises to your fitness regime. Try doing assisted pull-ups with your arms in a wide “V” position. Use a pulldown machine to target the lower lats. Or, add some dumbbell rows to your routine to work both your rhomboids and laterals. By strengthening your back before your ski, you’ll prevent injuries and next-day soreness!


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