Fitness 2012 – Apps and Computers

Fitness AppsJanuary is the month of resolutions. But it’s also the month of falling hopelessly off the bandwagon and giving up on said resolutions! At least that’s the way it goes with plenty of fitness goals. For many people, resolutions to lose weight, bulk up, or improve health are among the hardest to keep. Things might go smoothly the first week or so, but then personal discipline fades, food temptations get stronger, and life gets in the way of scheduled workouts.


Looking to reboot your 2012 fitness resolutions? There’s good news! Sometimes all you need is a new smart phone app, computer program, or digital fitness device! Here are our top suggestions:


• Upgrade your workout routine by investing in a heart rate monitor. The Polar brand offers several different models that all enable you to track your heart rate and hit your target zone. Audio and visual heart rate cues let you know whether your workout is burning fat or improving your cardiovascular fitness!


• Download the MyFitnessPal app for iPhone. Calorie counting is a cinch with a huge library of foods to choose from, the option to add your own foods and recipes, and a bar code scanner. Plus, you can set a weight loss goal, calculate your daily caloric needs, and log your daily physical fitness. MyFitnessPal is free to download and one of the highest rated and user friendly fitness apps out there.


• Try the Fitness Buddy smart phone app. Your gym routine will be revolutionized! There are over a thousand workouts to choose from, all of which utilize major and minor gym equipment. Fitness Buddy makes it easy to track your progress and learn new exercises.


• Utilize the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app. Amazingly, this app analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle. As a result, you wake up more naturally and feel more rested. Who knew?


• Not ready for smart phone fitness apps? No problem. Get the VidaOne Diet & Fitness computer program. This user friendly program allows you to track daily calories, set workout goals, check current health statistics, and more!


• Join FitLink’s online fitness community. You can find a workout partner, learn about local fitness events, and record your daily exercise routines. Plus, you can calculate your daily calories, find running and cycling routes, and learn how to use fitness equipment.


Don’t forget to round out your 2012 fitness goals with Exercise Equipment – Ab Machines, Treadmills & Home Gyms from Fitness Direct! You’ll get top line equipment at competitive prices. Plus, you can follow Fitness Direct on Twitter for info on upcoming sales and regular fitness tips!

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