Get Ripped Right!

Ripped calvesOne of the most important things to remember when shaping up is that you need the right equipment to get you there. Checking out what we have to offer at Fitness Direct is a great way to see what different sorts of ab machines and home gyms might fit your home and budget best – and learn more about how they can help make your jeans not fit any longer (by virtue of being too large, of course!).


Another thing to consider is your particular workout routine and how you plan to fit that ab machine or home gym into your daily life. Just having the machine sitting in your home isn’t going to get you fit after all – so if you want to make your home gym work for you (and get you working on it) follow these helpful tips to get you in tip-top shape with style:


Make a routine. Working out regularly is easier when you, well, do it regularly. Make a slot in your schedule so that you can hop on that ab machine or home gym at the same time every day, or every week. When you make it as important a part of your schedule as going to work or making dinner, it’s easier to do!


Find the time that’s right for you. The “morning jogger” might be quintessential in exercise parlance, but the truth of the matter is that you might work out better in the afternoon or at night. Don’t force yourself to get up at 5am if your body is telling you no!


Make it fun! One of the advantages of a home gym is that you can do whatever you need to make it entertaining. Watch shows at the same time you’re on the ab machine. Do a few reps on your home gym and then stand up to write some emails. No matter how you need to get yourself motivated, get motivated!


If you’re building your own home gym, consider the benefits inherent in an elliptical trainer as well as Exercise Equipment – Ab Machines, Treadmills & Home Gyms from Fitness Direct! You’ll get top line equipment at competitive prices. Plus, you can follow Fitness Direct on Twitter for info on upcoming sales and regular fitness tips!

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