Rainy Day Exercise Tips

TreadmillYou were so ready. You laced up those running shoes, ready to log a couple miles on your favorite running path. You opened the front door, only to realize that it was pouring out! Suddenly your workout mojo was gone and you found yourself rationalizing the notion that a rainy day really was a good excuse not to work out.


Don’t let a rainy day ruin your workout plans! Here are a few tips for getting a good workout – even if the weather isn’t so great:


• Embrace a form of fitness that you usually wouldn’t. Are you a die-hard cyclist? Get out your free weights and do some lifting. Avid runner? Try some indoor yoga for a change. Remember, cross-training your body is one of the best ways to improve your overall fitness! Plus, regular cross-training can help to reduce your risk of injury while working out.


• Reinvent your treadmill workout by doing some interval training! After all, it’s one of the best ways to boost your cardiovascular fitness while maximizing your body’s fat-burning potential. Once you’ve warmed up, try running for five minutes at 85% of your top speed. Then, reduce your speed to 65% for three minutes. You can also try shortening the length of the intervals and just do one minute at each pace. As a challenge, up your speed percentage if you shorten the duration of your intervals. (Tip: You can also do interval training on your elliptical!)


• Use everyday objects to create your own fitness routine. While actual gym equipment definitely works best, you can still make use of regular household items to give yourself a good rainy day workout. Try using cans of soup, water bottles, or milk jugs filled with sand as a temporary substitute for free weights. Pull up a chair and try doing one-legged squats (face away from the chair, put one leg behind you onto the chair, and slowly bend your standing leg and lower your hips as far as you can). Increase your flexibility by utilizing a rolled up towel while you stretch (lie on your back, loop the towel around one of your feet, hold either end of the towel, and gently pull your leg straight towards your chest).


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