Tips for Easing Joint Pain While Working Out


Joint PainYou finally feel motivated. This time, you’re gonna make a battle plan and stick with it! Goodbye flab. Hello fab!


Soon you’re 15 minutes into your new hardcore fitness regime and then it hits you. Joint pain. Debilitating, annoying, excruciating, god-awful joint pain! What do you do? Go back to hogging the couch? Ease your pain with an overindulgence of chocolate?


This time, don’t give up! Check out these tips for easing joint pain while working out:


  • The first step is to keep moving. Giving up on your workout plan because of joint pain will only cause your joints to become more stiff and painful! Exercise will help keep the joints and muscles strong and enable them to function better. Plus, exercise improves blood flow, which ultimately eases pain and discomfort!
  • Take time to warm-up and stretch before doing more rigorous activity. Do gentle range-of-motion exercises, such as shoulder rolls, and ankle stretches. Jog in place for a couple minutes to get your muscles warm before attempting more strenuous exercise.
  • Try a workout that puts little to no pressure on your joints. Instead of running, try using an elliptical. Or try swimming, dance, water aerobics, or cycling. If possible, do your workouts in a warm environment. Remember, cold muscles tend to cramp!
  • Pay attention to your body as you workout. Does something cause significant joint pain or discomfort? Stop doing it! Consider talking to a doctor or personal trainer and devise a workout routine that doesn’t hurt your joints. You may need to shorten your workouts, lessen the amount of weights you lift, or reevaluate your form during certain exercises.
  • Don’t forget to stretch after you work out! Gently ease into the stretch until you feel a slight pull, but never stretch into pain. And don’t forget to breathe while you stretch!

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