What Motivates You?

Workout MotivationMany people decide that they would like to get fit and go ahead and purchase an ab machine or a home gym. There are many advantages to working out at home as compared to a commercial gym – first off, it’s much more convenient to simply walk into another room to get your workout on rather than having to drive out to another building, and secondly it is much cheaper to invest in your own equipment as compared to going out and paying exorbitant monthly gym fees.


But once you’ve taken the plunge and you have your own ab machine or home gym, now what? You need to be able to create a workout routine and stick to it, which can be hard to do. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to, well, figure out what motivates you.


Why are you deciding to invest in a home gym or an ab machine? What makes you want to get healthy and trim? Some people want to get healthier for their families – after all, working out on a home gym or ab machine will help you stay fit and live longer so that you can be there for loved ones. Others want to look good – and working out is definitely a way to get you back on the road to looking great! Still others are training for a particular event – a marathon, perhaps?


What motivates you to get on the ab machine or the home gym and get working? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below – we’d love to know what gets you going!


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