Working off your Thanksgiving Meal

It’s a national tradition.


Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same unless you’re passed out on the couch having over-indulged on turkey and a plethora of side dishes. Surrounded by family and friends, the temptation to gorge on a spread of treats or enjoy a little tipple can be too much to pass up. While many have the best of intentions, the last Thursday in November can prove a major stumbling block in maintaining a regular fitness routine. The best advice is to aim for moderation, but if you do find yourself in a stupor of food and drink; here a few tips to help get back on track as quickly as possible:


• Just add water! This will help dilute the extra salt and sugar entering your system. If you’ve knocked back a few extra pumpkin ales then make sure you drink at least two glasses of water before you go to bed. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so taking on some a greater volume of H2O can help ease the burden.


• Shaking that bloated feeling can be tough. Digestive supplements are excellent as a preventative measure. Most contain enzymes which work to help breakdown carbohydrates, fats and proteins to relieve a feeling of fullness and indigestion. Peppermint tea works great after a meal if you forget to take preemptive action.


• Walk it off; once rested after your Thanksgiving meal, go for a leisurely walk. This will encourage digestion and will also help you sleep better on the night. Try to incorporate more light activity throughout the following day also. Your energy levels will soon return to normal and getting back into your fitness regime will seem less of a chore.


Once you’re back to your regular working schedule, make sure time for exercise is still a top priority. Falling into the bad habit of skipping the odd workout can be disastrous to your long term fitness plan. And with holiday season only really reaching full gear after Thanksgiving, the temptation to call a halt to exercise will only increase. To make working out an easier fit for your lifestyle, check out the great range of Exercise Equipment at Fitness Direct. And if you start following Fitness Direct on Twitter, you’ll be kept up to date on the latest deals and tips for your fitness needs.

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