5 Effective Tips to Keep the Pounds Off Before the Holiday Season

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As a new year approaches, it seems as though our waste lines tend to expand along with our holiday shopping budgets. During the holiday season, desires to get fit often conflict with our need to overindulge in the holiday season and its festivities.


As endless cakes, pies, the neighbor’s extra thick brownies, grandma’s fudge, and plenty of candy start streaming through everyday existence, these five tips will keep health conscious inviduals on the ball.

1) Total Body & Compound Exercises

When it comes to working out for slimming purposes, nothing beats total body muscle recruitment mixed with compound exercises that challenge the body’s internal balance and stabilization mechanisms.

The idea is to take 3 full-body exercises like burpees, dumbbell squat to shoulder presses, and planks, and combine them into one hardcore series of movement. This type of training raises the metabolism and keeps it high for hours on end; a perfect counter to tons of extra holiday calories.

2) Efficiency & Equipment

The holidays are extremely busy and demanding, therefore it makes sense to get the most out of workouts. Turn the typical 45-60 minute workout into an intense 20 minute fitness bonanza through great equipment. Crank up the resistance on the elliptical trainer, reach for higher elevation, and get lots more work done in half the time.

3) Complimentary Proper Nutrition

In between mom’s home cooked pecan pie with double chocolate ice cream, eat lots of lots of high fiber fruits and vegetables. This will help the body rid itself of bulky calories, enhance the digestive system, and provide regulatory assistance to control blood sugar levels. Snack on deep green broccoli, all kinds of berries (especially raspberries and blueberries), leafy raw spinach, or an apple.

4) Flexibility Is Key

Most people equate stretching to warm ups and cool downs, so getting into the habit of stretching typically promotes lots of extra exercise. For many, the act of stretching gets them in the mood for sweating, burning calories, and resistance training.

It also ensures that muscle tissue is the proper length, and will respond more efficiently to stress, strain, and working out in general.

5) Trending Fitness for the Holidays

Trends don’t lie, and what consumers are saying is that they’re done with the Lone Ranger gym routine, and want to get in-shape with others in a fun class setting where an instructor takes the guess work away, and always provides a high quality workout.

New types, niches, and shades of training are popping up all the time. They’ve got more personality, and offer a wider array of variability than the traditional industry standard.

Navigating through holiday temptation can be easily countered with a dash of preparation. When adhered to on a regular basis leading up to and through the holidays, these tips make it a breeze to keep the pounds off through the holiday season so the New Year is begun on a good note and solid footing.

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