5 Tips on How to Lose Weight after The New Year

So what’s your New Year’s resolution? If it has anything to do with getting in better shape AND feeling better, then explore some beneficial tips that might make your waist line love you again!

Below are five great ways to incorporate appropriate diet and exercise into your daily routine in 2013. Make it another splendid year to remember.

Get More Involved With Organics

Everyone knows that filling the body with organic and natural foods is incredibly beneficial; supplements simply don’t supply the body with everything it needs because the body can never truly absorb all of their nutrients and vitamins. Organic foods such as nuts, berries, dark leafy greens and foods rich in omega fats like salmon are a great way to get on the road to a healthier life. Grains, beans, and hot peppers are also a great addition to your diet. Consider this; one wouldn’t put regular gas in a mustang would they? So why put anything in the body that doesn’t benefit it? The answer is simple; it’s not a good idea! Instead, fill the body with fresh organic foods and it will run like a thoroughbred!

Eat Less More Often

It’s seems like eating more would cause a person to gain weight right? This simply isn’t true. The idea is if someone enjoys three small meals a day and adds three healthy low calorie snacks in between, each of those sittings tells the body it’s not going to starve. If one waits until 2pm to eat each day, chances are they will struggle with obesity. The body will hold onto fat cells like it’s going out of style and it seems that no matter what is consumed, the body will not only store that fat but hold on to what its already got. This makes losing weight next to impossible. Add more healthy snacks and see a dramatic increase in metabolism and weight loss.

Brush Up On Fitness

There are so many avenues these days that one can take to learn more about proper exercise and nutrition. Employ technology already sitting at the fingertips. If you’re reading this you have a computer of some sort, so use it as an aid in finding out what regimen is the best to suit your needs! Magazines are also a great way to absorb quality and trending tips. Subscribe to a health magazine and read it every month. You’ll get a lot more out of your workouts if you know what you’re doing! Fitness knowledge is fitness power!

Make a Fitness Friend

Find a buddy to work out with. This is great because you know that if you’re doing this alone there’s a tendency to slack off or get stuck in the same routine. Call up the BFF and get fit together!

Incorporate Body Exercises into Sitting

If you have a job where you sit all day, you know that this isn’t good health-wise, so try incorporating simple body weight exercises throughout the workday. Your body needs to move so make sure you get up from your computer at least once every 30 minutes. Incorporate a few pushups, squats, jumping jacks or sit ups. This will re-energize you and help your blood to keep moving! There they are, five magnificent and easy to incorporate tips for the New Year! What are you waiting for? Get moving and get healthy!

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