Best Way to Free Space in Your Gym

Save Space with a Vertical Rack: The Newest Solution to Clunky Weight Racks


attachment2Traditionally, vertical racks were thought to be only suitable for small weight sets at home gyms and personal training studios. Their number one advantage is their compact size, so they do not take up precious square footage in a workout space.


But with new manufacturing technology, these little guys can play with the big boys. They have been designed to carry heavier dumbbell sets and come with many customizable options for optimal storage.


Commercial gyms have been adding weight racks to carry the more popular free weight sizes. The fifteens, twenties, and twenty fives are the most common and if they are not available, members may get frustrated. At home, a converted bedroom or den needs the most space-efficient workout equipment possible. Smaller fitness studios run into the same issues.


Now, women are lifting and adding free weight routines to their gym workout. Originally, women were told not to lift weights to avoid bulking up, but recently, the opposite has proven true. When women do the right free weight routine, they can create lean muscle and increase their metabolism. Also, weight lifting can prevent bone related diseases like Osteoporosis by increasing bone density. This is why many physicians recommend free weight lifting for men and women of all ages.


The increased demand for free weights means gyms have to add more weight racks, but they do not want to loose any floor space. Now they have a solution.


There are now many vertical rack options to choose from. Some manufacturers can paint the rack in the color of your choice for ultimate customization. For the serious weight lifter, there are now options for heavy dumbbell sets up to 80lbs! Front-load racks are visually appealing and when painted in a custom color, they can add flair.

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