Commercial Gym Equipment San Diego

The market for quality commercial gym equipment San Diego has never been more robust. As a leader in the industry, it’s our job to stay updated on fitness-based consumer behavior and the numbers are simply off the charts.

Why? Well, it’s hard to say exactly. But, look at recent healthcare legislation and the way it’s affecting overall impressions of fitness. Remember the aging population, and the younger more tech-savvy ones coming up behind them. The commercial equipment these days is unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

Innovative Fitness Equipment San Diego

What fitness equipment was a decade ago and what it is today are two completely different things. The evolution has been both astounding, and abrupt. Let’s look at some of this innovation from our particular industry perspective.

  • Indoor Cycling: Take a good look at the CycleOps 410 Pro Indoor Cycle with Virtual Training. Seriously, the amount of research and development that went into that piece of 21st century machinery would melt your brain. Now, think of what indoor cycles looked like only a decade ago…
  • Freeweights: Functionality and fitness-based obstacle courses are two of the most popular exercise trends in America right now. A quick glance at the first page of our CrossFit equipment selection makes you wonder if average folks are turning into super humans!
  • Tech-Integration: The vast majority of our cardio equipment comes with technological components that would have shocked most people not long ago. This goes as much for design as it does for user-experience in terms of displays, USB ports, iPOD integration etc. Virtual trainers are only the tip of the ice berg. Will FitDir have a “fitness robotics” section in 2020?
  • Rehabilitation: With an aging population comes heavy demand for injury and rehabilitation gear like medicine balls, proprioceptive devices, biomechanical chairs and tables and low-impact accessories. For an idea of where we are check out something like the Stamina Seated Inversion Therapy System.
  • Efficiency & Affordability: At this very moment the sheer amount of fitness-bang that private and commercial gym owners get for their fitness-buck is astounding. We’re talking hardcore home gyms for less than a year’s worth of membership dues at big name clubs. This new era of ultimate efficiency is only just getting started.

Trends in Commercial Gym Equipment San Diego

As goes California, so goes the nation. And, in terms of fitness there are a couple trends that you should keep an eye on when investing in modern equipment.

  • Slimming: The vast majority of the orders we see are for equipment that’s designed to help users lose weight, or excess body fat in one way or another. This goes for cardio, strength and endurance-based products and accessories.
  • Protein Supps: Here’s a small tip: make sure to have your meal and protein supplement products within eye sight and ideally some on the way to the cardio trainers. Cardio equipment these days is pretty intense and demanding.
  • Classes: If you can fit it into a class or even create a fitness class around it, then try it. Health and exercise-based classes have never been more popular.

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