CrossFit: What is it and how does it work?

This month, we’ll take an in-depth look into the relatively new fitness training experience that’s catching on quickly among the fitness world: CrossFit training!


What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is a mixture of weight lifting, running, gymnastics, aerobics, and sports. Basically, CrossFit is a sport that revolves around getting fit, with the goal of strengthening each participant’s overall athletic capabilities in order to handle anything that life throws his or her way – like breaking up a bar fight or surviving a zombie apocalypse for example.

CrossFit Workouts

How does CrossFit work?


The basis of CrossFit centers around a series of exercises that are done in timed intervals. One minute you could be doing dead lifts, the next could be pull-ups, then maybe some jumprope or burpees. The intervals aren’t long, but the intensity is through the roof! The goal is to squeeze out the maximum reps with good form in each workout. Each exercise targets a specific muscle group and you perform this exercise until either you’ve reached the time limit or you’ve reached your own physical limit. Then, you switch to a different exercise that targets another muscle group and max that out while the first muscle group recovers. This mixes the concept of “muscle confusion” with the concept of “maximum reps” to get results that are quick and long-lasting. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other!



Like most sports, CrossFit is designed to have more than just one person engaging in the activities. This is because part of the way CrossFit is so effective is because everybody is pushing themselves and each other to get the most possible reps in each timed set. But that doesn’t mean that the point is for everyone to compete against each other (though it happens all the time – especially among friends), but rather you are competing against yourself with the support of others who are going through the same intense training that you are. If you’re not doing an exercise correctly, they have trainers that will step in and help you get the form down. The form is extremely important because of the high level of intensity, and it is why you are not encouraged to do full-blown CrossFit training at home alone. Some of these exercises, if not executed correctly and done repetitively with high intensity, could lead to injury.


Is CrossFit training for me?

CrossFit training can be utilized by both the beginner and the veteran of the fitness world, but the ultimate decision lies within you.


Do you like to workout in a group or alone?


CrossFit training is perfect for those who don’t mind working out with other people. But while some people love the supportive environment of CrossFit training, others prefer to exercise by themselves at home. If you don’t like to work out in a group environment, then CrossFit is not for you. But if you like the idea of a fitness support group who will be sharing the pain and the gain with you, then give CrossFit a try!


Are you training for all-around fitness or are you trying to target one specific muscle group?


CrossFit is an all-around workout that strengthens your entire body from your core to your upper and lower body parts. CrossFit alone will not make you into a professional power lifter or condition you to run ten miles a day. But if you are looking to improve your overall fitness capabilities, then CrossFit may be for you.


Are you just trying to get in shape or are you training for a particular sport?


CrossFit may help you get in shape, but if you want to compete competitively in a specific sport like long-distance running or soccer, then you will get more out of a private coach who will give you exercises that specifically aid in that sport. For example, a long-distance runner and a soccer player use different specific muscles. While the runner focuses on long muscles and stamina, the soccer player will work on smaller muscles for short bursts of speed and powerful strikes. Meanwhile, CrossFit will strengthen one’s overall fitness in a broader category, meaning that sport-specific muscle groups will be overlooked. So if you’re trying to become a better soccer player, you will get more out of hiring a soccer-specific trainer, and maybe doing CrossFit on the off-season to stay in shape.



Where can I CrossFit?

CrossFit training has caught on quickly and is now a popular form of alternative fitness. There is likely to be a local CrossFit Gym in your area, and often times they let you attend the first class for free, just to try it out. An esteemed, professional CrossFit Gym usually has information about their coaching staff on their website, so you can check out who you will be working with and what their qualifications entail. If you aren’t satisfied with your initial choice of CrossFit Gym, don’t give up! There’s bound to be another CrossFit Gym in your area that’s willing to give you a free trial.

If you are an experienced CrossFiter and know what you’re doing, we also offer CrossFit equipment here at Fitness Direct for use in a home or commercial setting.


For more information:

Check out the official CrossFit website at for everything from FAQ’s and tips for first-timers to local CrossFit Gym directories and events. For CrossFit Equipment Click Here.

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