Freeweight Equipment San Diego

Quality freeweight equipment San Diego is all the rage as the West Coast takes functional fitness to the next level. While exercise machines keep advancing, it will be a long time before freeweights are replaced as the default way to train.


In this article we’ll touch on the reasons freeweights are so highly sought after in Southern California especially, and why they continue to be perhaps the best investment for both private and commercial gym owners around the world.

The Benefits of Using Freeweight Equipment San Diego

These are the five core reasons why just about everyone who works out seriously spends time with dumbbells, Kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, weight plates etc.

  • Proprioception: Machines typically make it so that the body doesn’t have to rely on internal balance and stabilization mechanisms. Freeweight exercises tap into the smaller supportive lean tissue in and around joint capsules. They also provide more overall body control and help to tackle muscle imbalances.
  • Strength: Most of the traditional strength and power training exercises deal with freeweights in one form or another. Whether it’s a squat, a barbell chest press or dumbbell rows.
  • Exercise Versatility: It’s really hard to say how many exercises can be accomplished with one simple set of dumbbells. Hundreds? And, this covers the entire musculature from top to bottom. Or, what can be done with a Kettlebell, or perhaps a barbell? The possibilities are near endless.
  • Natural Movements: Machines and things somewhat constrict or pre-determine movement while freeweights let the user determine how to target and train muscles. Think of the overall biomechanical and physiological differences between a chest press machine and dumbbell presses.
  • Metabolic Output: Studies show that freeweight exercises demand a ton of energy from the body, which translates into more calories burned and more intense workouts.

When you put all these things together it’s easy to see why new private and commercial gym owners are always interested in freeweight equipment San Diego. Furthermore, why seasoned owners and established gyms are always updating their inventory.


Startup Freeweight Equipment San Diego

What’s the number one thing that all freeweight lovers need when they decide to get in a good workout, whether at home or at a local club in the freeweight room? A bench! Furthermore, they need a good variety of different weights to choose from.


Even the solo fitness nerd should have a light, moderate and heavy set of dumbbells at their disposal. After that it’s about the bench, the barbell and the medicine balls. But, think about how much a fitness trend like CrossFit uses freeweight equipment San Diego.


It’s everywhere. Don’t short change yourself though. Get the best products from industry leaders that stay ahead of the curve. When it comes time to invest in freeweight equipment San Diego, contact FitDir and let us get you the right choices at the right prices.

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