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Elliptical Bicycles From ElliptiGO

Elliptical Bicycles From ElliptiGO

For those that have been locked away in gyms over the last decade, with the outside world of fitness nothing more than a few magazine covers, it’s easy to miss the unprecedented innovation going on right now in the industry. Ever heard of the Elliptigo? 

Part cyclist’s dream, part outdoor elliptical trainer, and about the best low impact cardiovascular endurance machine ever created, Elliptigo is an invention out of America that has created an entirely new sport. 

Forget about political drama and economic upheaval, a few friends came together to fill a need and now deliver their garage-designed machine all over the globe - a low impact running machine that acts like an elliptical.

The Birth of a Fresh Fitness Icon

Hardcore endurance athlete reaches his thirties, and his heavy duty sports-centered lifestyle catches up to his joints. He needed an alternative, but didn’t enjoy working out indoors constantly, and found traditional cycles uncomfortable. 

Why not mix an elliptical with a cycle then? It was a rough road that took them a few years. Once the team of friends began to test their prototypes in big marathons, specifically the Death Race, and end the race with decent placements, the viability and marketability were set in stone. 

Within no time the crude steel frame turned into a 21st century aluminum wonder of fitness engineering that has been featured by Running Times, Popular Science, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Runner’s World.

Elliptigo Unleashed and Unprecedented

Outside the racing and competitive fitness world, the Elliptigo still has plenty of room to grow. However, the Olympics helped to spread the word as top athletes vying for the Gold used the Elliptigo to train and prepare for their events. One example was Julie Culley, a distance runner who hails out of New Jersey.

Basic Elliptigo Stats

        For those that are a part of the “quick & intense” workout craze, the Elliptigo burns up to 33% more energy than traditional bicycles. This means the one hour workout just became 30 minutes.
      This incredible machine can go pretty fast! It’s been clocked to average been 15-25mph.
      Users can choose from 11 different speeds while they cruise along.
      The list of individuals who have tackled and completed long races of more than 100 miles with an Elliptigo is increasing rapidly.
      With over three hundred retail outlets in America, so far around five thousand elliptigos have been sold worldwide.

So far there are three powerhouse models: the 3c, 8c, and 11R. But through their company website people have access to specialized car racks for taking the bikes on the go, as well as pages of high-quality and futuristic accessories.

The Fitness industry charges forward, and churn onward towards new technologies and inventions that make working out more efficient, and less dangerous in terms of wearing down joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Keep an eye on Elliptigo, as their series of outdoor elliptical runners/cycles go viral.

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3 Products