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When it comes to providing this modern world of ours with only the best and most well-designed strength and endurance fitness equipment, InFlight is one of the best by far. Located in Stanton, California the company has built a solid reputation for excellence and continues to push the mold with their product lines.

InFlight Fitness Benefits

Their products cater to modern fitness lovers who want space saving designs and small footprints, in both the commercial and private gym setting. Each of their products is constructed with heavy duty components and framing, meant to last generations and remain reliable throughout heavy usage.

Gym owners love the fact that when they sport InFlight Fitness products, from free weights to multi-gyms and functional trainers, everything is low maintenance! The value is unprecedented and their dedication to fast delivery is unmatched. Furthermore, InFlight customer service are incredibly professional and friendly at the same time, able to solve problems and provide assistance at the drop of a hat efficiently.

InFlight Fitness Product Lines

InFlight breaks down their entire gauntlet of products into four basic categories.

    • CT Line Machines
    • Free Weight
    • Multi-Gyms
    • Functional Trainers 

The CT Line Machines are quite extensive and cover just about everything any gym owner or lover could possibly need. From the multi-press and lat/arm machines, to cable columns and many other multi-purpose fitness machines.

The free weight line is also all-inclusive and takes care of every need. Benches, dumbbell racks, FID benches, smith machines and even The Intimidator. InFlight Fitness is a one-stop-shop for free weight training needs.

There are two multi-gyms, and both are world-class models that are basically unbeatable on the market. The Liberator and the Vanguard. Amazing, stunning, stylish and affordable they are some of the most impressive multi-gyms on earth.

InFlight Fitness also represents two of the very best functional trainers today, the FT1000 and the Cable Crossover machine. For people that love functional training with cables, there is nothing like them anywhere else but InFlight Fitness.

The InFlight Fitness Experience

From home and private gym owners to fitness product dealers, InFlight fitness is known for reliability and customer service. They make it easy to do business. They are a reliable place to go for even the average everyday guy who wants a professional fitness product in his home.

They offer amazing warranties and go above and beyond the call of duty to meet their overarching service goal:

“InFlight Fitness is dedicated to designing and manufacturing only the highest level of strength and endurance fitness equipment.”

When it’s time to get involved with the best that 21st century fitness has to offer, and get the best fitness products out there, get in touch with InFlight Fitness staff. 

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