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Vibration Exercise Machine: Whole Body Vibration Machine

Vibration Exercise Machine:  Whole Body Vibration Machine

As a leading distributor of exercise equipment, Fitness Direct is proud of our selection of quality vibration exercise machines. These machines are ideal for whole body vibration therapy and general wellness. We carry top-of-the-line whole body vibration machines, plates, and trainers at the lowest prices possible, all from the best name brands in the business: Multisports G-Power, Power Plate, DKN, and more!

Benefit from Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy stimulates the muscles, increases blood circulation and oxygenation, improves balance and coordination, and strengthens bones and ligaments. On a vibration exercise machine, you can burn up to 170 calories in just five minutes! While exercising on a whole body vibration machine by itself will not necessarily give you the results you may be looking for, when used as a supplement in a workout routine, a vibration exercise machine can boost results and improve overall health. Vibration machines have more applications than just home exercise; they have been used in physical therapy, professional sports as well as in treatments for osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and metabolic syndrome. Whether you suffer from one of the above conditions or are an athlete looking for an edge you can find the machine that is right for you.

Quality Vibration Equipment at the Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Choosing the right whole body vibration exercise machine for your home is easy at Fitness Direct. Choose from standard floor machines to handled plates and various other whole body vibration machines. Decide how powerful you want your vibration exercise machine to be, and browse the different warranty options offered. You can see how we offer our clients the greatest value on the market with our high quality offerings at the lowest prices online. We’re sure you will find the right whole body vibration machine to fit your home’s specific needs today!

22 Products

22 Products