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Bench Attachments

Bench Attachments

Fitness Direct’s wide variety of weight bench attachments makes it easy to customize your existing gym equipment to achieve your personal workout goals. We carry the leg press attachments, arm curl attachments and weight storage you need for an optimum strength training workout. With all the fitness gear you have been looking for, we can turn your house into your dream gym at the best prices guaranteed. Shop with us today!

Weight Bench Accessories For Every Gym

The rock-bottom prices at Fitness Direct make it possible for weightlifting junkies to get a gym experience without expensive membership fees — all in the comfort of your own home. Our wide selection of weight bench attachments allows you to cater to your individual needs and goals while also utilizing the space you already have. We can help eliminate clutter with the TuffStuff Weight Storage Option, or keep you safe with TuffStuff's Side Spotter Stands.

Find a weight bench attachment that serves multiple purposes to utilize even more space in your home. The Lat Pulldown & Seated Row Attachment can exercise your back, arm and shoulder muscles, featuring a Lat Bar, Low Row Bar and two cables. The Best Fitness Leg Developer & Curl Attachment can also be used for preacher curls (essential for building bicep mass), leg curls and extensions (ideal for defining the fronts and backs of your legs) and ab exercises. Like many of our products, this attachment can move when you move, with safety pins and bolts for adjustable positions that make it easily disassembled. Shop at Fitness Direct and you will never have to go back to expensive gyms again.

All The Versatility, At The Lowest Price

Fitness Direct only carries the best brands of weight bench attachments, including Best Fitness, BodyCraft, TuffStuff and more — all at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop with Fitness Direct, and the home gym of your dreams will finally be within reach!

10 Products

10 Products