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The online leader in exercise equipment, Fitness Direct also provides the books that fitness enthusiasts need for flawless, injury-free workouts. These books and wall charts offer to-the-point instructions for a wide range of interests and fitness levels, followed with step-by-step breakdowns, warnings and tips. Shop and save on any workout book, fitness book or Pilates book you may need at unbeatable prices!

Home Gym Instruction, Without an Instructor

When exercising alone at home you can’t usually get personalized attention. And DVDs don’t provide in-depth information for all your questions, owing to the limits of the medium. Books and wall charts, however, will help you get the most out of your workouts, answer most of your questions and prevent you from succumbing to common mistakes that can lead to painful injuries. With the proper fitness book you can learn proper posture and movement. A Pilates book is key when trying to figure out proper form and posturing, without adequate knowledge you can greatly reduce effectiveness and safety. Know the heart-rate ranges appropriate for cardio as opposed to fat-burning exercises, incorporate new weightlifting techniques, and feel safer and more confident on days when you want to push the limits. Regardless of whether it’s bodybuilding, Pilates or weight-loss that interests you, your body cannot reach full potential without clear, authoritative answers and instructions from recognized experts. After all, these are the books professional trainers turn to when they need answers. And the quick tips in the sidebars, geared for specific fitness levels and fitness goals, will make your books an invaluable resource for years to come. If knowledge is power, a good book will transform your body into a powerhouse.

Find the Perfect Workout Book for Your Fitness Goals

At Fitness Direct we appreciate your need for expert instruction. Too many people try to go it alone when they start exercising at home and even fitness veterans periodically suffer for the isolation. This leads to frustration when high expectations can’t be met or, worse, debilitating injuries when exercises are too strenuous or performed incorrectly. The collection of any fitness book and wall chart you desire here at Fitness Direct will set you on the right path toward your fitness goals. Reduce injuries, maximize strength/flexibility and keep yourself motivated by having the best workout book available on your shelf. Whether you are looking for multiple bodybuilding books, or one specific Pilates book or weight loss book, Fitness Direct will meet your needs. Browse and shop our varied collection of affordably priced workout books today!

7 Products

7 Products